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5 Unmissable Talks from RBTE

This year’s Retail Business Technology Show (RBTE), brings together Europe’s senior retail executives who are descending on London Olympia to talk shop and learn more about the next generation of retail technology. The sheer size of this event (over 350 global exhibitors and 15,000 visitors), proves that retailers are always moving forward and the rate of change in the industry is huge.

With only two days in total, there is not enough time to meet with all the exhibitors and attend all the quality talks on offer. With that in mind, we’ve selected 5 talks that we’re looking forward to sitting in on.

RBTE Talks

  1. Payment Innovations: The first talk we’re looking forward to will be held on Monday 8th May at 11.35am. It is a panel discussion reviewing the pros and cons of the payment innovations from contactless to Apple Pay. It looks to be an interesting session as it covers the various transaction types and devices alongside adoption rates. Apple Pay has been available in the UK for a while now but it was only rolled out in Ireland this year and many Irish retailers looking at their options. It will be interesting to see how this has changed the world of retail and if it will ever overtake the number of Chip and Pin transactions. According to Visa Europe, two contactless transactions are made every second in Ireland with Visa debit cards, so it’s clearly on the up.
  2. Conversational Retail:’s Rebecca Ruddle looks to have hit upon a fascinating side of retail in the guise of ‘Conversational Retail’, in her talk which will start on Monday 8th May at 1.35pm. The term has been attributed to Uber’s Chris Messina and refers to the growing trend of communication between businesses and consumers through messaging apps and Chatbots. Conversational Retail is a step towards AI, delivering convenience, personalisation and support on demand (when executed effectively). Still at an early stage for many retailers, Ruddle believes that this type of commerce delivers a better overall customer experience and outlines how this might be achieved.
  3. Real Retail Results: On Tuesday 9th of May, JD Sports CEO Lee Bagnall will talk about the turnaround of their outdoor division. It’s always interesting to learn from real cases but especially those that detail real struggles. The three ingredients that Bagnall focuses on are quite striking: customers, environment and technology. It will be interesting to see how each of these were tackled at an operational level.
  4. Virtual Reality: VR was very prevalent at the NRF show in New York when we were there in January. VR is moving beyond visualising room layouts and into homes, by taking the in-store experience directly to customers. With the continuing mainstream adoption of VR headsets, there is an opportunity for retailers to sell products in a virtual store. On Tuesday 9th May at 2.40pm, there will be a panel discussion covering this disruptive technology and how it might be leveraged.
  5. Your Omnichannel Strategy: Alongside our partner iVend, we will be on hand to help retailers assess and build their omnichannel strategy. On Tuesday 9th May at 4.10pm, one of the final talks will cover all things omnichannel, helping retailers provide the ever elusive frictionless experience to customers, ensuring future sales and customer loyalty. The term is used frequently by vendors in the market, but for a true omnichannel experience, a unified retail platform is the only way to achieve this.

We have a produced a document that will get you started with an Omnichannel strategy and we’ll be on hand to discuss the options at RBTE (Stand 520)

If you are unable to make any of these talks, you can subscribe of our newsletter and we’ll send you all the relevant updates from RBTE this year. Alternatively, click below to start a conversation about your retail enterprise and we hope to see you at the event. We’ll be on Stand number 520 with our partners iVend and you can book an appointment by clicking below.

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