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7 Reasons to Choose SAP Business One

Any enterprise considering a long term investment in an ERP solution will need one that is flexible enough to adapt and scale with the needs of enterprise. This is not a single or final implementation, but rather the foundations of a solution that will scale and grow with the enterprise. There are no barriers to entry into a product such as SAP Business One, due to the affordability of the solution and the ability to scale it from your turnover to one hundred, two hundred or five hundred million. But the big question still remains, why SAP Business One?

So why choose SAP Business One?

  1. Budget considerations are a frequent worry for any enterprise looking to implement an ERP solution. While the return on investment is guaranteed to prove the worthiness of the investment, we understand that the initial step can be daunting. SAP provides solutions at an entry level, right through to the most complex of installs with custom integrations. Working with your SAP Partner, you can find a solution that works and requires minimal training. TRC Solutions offer very clear road maps for customers from design right through to implementation, ensuring control and clarity around costs for our clients.
  2. Integration is rolled out across the business. Other vendors are offering solutions that have limits to the amount of integration possible, but with SAP Business One, we can merge all your enterprise functions into a streamlined solution that will scale and flex as required. This end to end approach gives you real time data and reporting functionality, helping you make faster and better decisions.
  3. SAP Business One is adaptable from the very start, ensuring it can grow and scale with your enterprise. It has the ability to manage complex functionality as required and evolves at the same pace as your business processes. This is very much a solution with the long term vision your enterprise needs.
  4. Continuity is assured even when other solutions have been sunsetted. We have experienced the difficulties that sunsetted software has for customers in the retail side of our business. We’ve taken that 25 years of experience and landed on a solution that not only guarantees longevity but is constantly improving in anticipation of the needs of customers. It’s this forward thinking combined with our highly trained Solutions Architects that ensure your business is future proofed.
  5. There’s something for everyone in this solution. Statements and closed loop reporting ensures that the Financial Controller receives the information that is necessary. The Sales Director will be able to manage pipelines and sales teams more effectively, improving accountability and forecasting. Management will have access to reports that are clear, in real time and actionable. Logistics managers will be in a better position to manage the supply chain and take advantage of economies of scale where possible.
  6. The onboarding process is painless with easy to use interface design and the necessary training. Working with an SAP partner such as TRC Solutions will ensure that the interface is setup correctly and full training is provided. When new members of the team are hired, there are a wealth of online resources available and the support from the team at TRC Solutions.
  7. Supported by an experienced partner. TRC Solutions are experienced in SAP Business One and with a successful 25 year history in business, we bring our knowledge of the ever changing world of business process software. Our ability to gauge the needs of customers and work effectively with them to deliver a world class, end to end solution that not only manages sales, but finance, customer relationships, stock control and other vital aspects of an enterprise.

If you are assessing the various options for your enterprise, our experienced SAP Solutions team are available to assess the needs of your business and identify the best solution. Click here to get in touch.

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