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Agility and Growth with ERP Solutions

Approximately 40% of the world’s population has an internet connection, that’s an increase of 39% since 1995 when only 1% of the world had a connection. In Ireland last year, consumers spent approximately €6.6m online. That’s a lot of online data and 75% of data will be generated by mobile devices. Trends already show that mobile searches outstrip desktop in over ten countries according to a recent Google report.

Steady growth and sorting the relevant data in order to utilise it is becoming more and more difficult. It’s predicted with this steady growth, our digital universe is set to grow and so will data volumes. Data is the lifeblood of an enterprise but only when displayed in context. Unstructured data is not helpful to an enterprise as it does not provide an insight or logical narrative. For example, it prevents a marketing team define personas and sales teams can not pre-empt customer behaviour.

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Insights Lead to Innovation

The ability to put data into context facilitates innovation and a mix of structured data and machine learning can provide enterprise insights. Innovation does not have to be a major technological advance but could be as simple as speeding up customer response times or ensuring staff can quickly find data when they need it most. In the race to become bigger and better, we sometimes forget to stop looking at what is next and focus on the positive changes that we have already made.

At a recent event, Bobby Kerr said that data does not separate us from the customer but brings us closer together. Understanding a customer better will help us provide better experiences. With our background in retail, we’ve learned that up to date information is vital to an enterprise. In retail, even a slight error can cut off the air supply for a business. In other industries, the pain is less sharp but as a result, the effects can fester for longer and become more damaging. Our retail frame of mind has shaped our approach, ensuring our consultants uncover the key issues within the enterprise and work to provide a solution which benefits the users and customers.

Advantages of not being Technical

Our goal is always success for our clients. We take a best in breed product (SAP Business One) and work with our clients to implement it in such a way as to future proof the business and ready the enterprise for growth. Our clients are not always technical, which is an advantage as they can focus on their business, rather than becoming bogged down in the technology. TRC Solutions bring the technological expertise to the partnership, blended with our 25 years experience in the business. Our transparent approach and detailed plans ensure our clients can track progress and understand exactly what is expected at each stage of the implementation.

User Focused Solutions

Technology is most definitely an enabler, but people are key to the adoption and success of any ERP solution. Rolling out a solution without first considering the users has often failed and left an enterprise with a costly but ineffective software. With that in mind, our team focuses on the users, working with them to understand their needs, objections and identifying and mitigating the risks that exist in all IT projects. The ability to resolve a user’s reservations and provide solutions to their needs will ensure greater levels of adoption. If your organisation is in need of an ERP solution, we can help you understand your business needs, create a range of solutions and work with you to future proof your business.

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