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SAP Business One Add-ons

Increase user friendliness, functionality and flexibility

Extend your core functionality with SAP Certified Business One Add-Ons

SAP Certified Business One IntegrationOver 50,000 companies run SAP Business One every day. This global footprint has facilitated the development of a rich eco-system of SAP Certified Add-Ons which further enhance and extend the power of SAP Business One.  Our SAP Business One Consultants frequently deploy global best SAP Business One Certified Add-Ons in order to deliver robust, secure and fully featured deployments for our clients.

Boyum Usability Package

Boyum Usability Package features a number of modules, which increase the user-friendliness, functionality and flexibility of SAP Business One. Each module can be activated by need, including:

  • Easy customisation and configuration of the system to closely fit day-to-day workflows
  • Adjustable modules without the need for a developer
  • Adding extra functionality such as Word integration, bank integration and subscription control

Boyum Usability Package removes the need for complex development and gives you the capability to optimise the SAP Business One modules.

Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One

Businesses which use SAP Business One often consist of more than one legal entity. This corporate group often needs to:

      • Deliver company by company and consolidated group financial reports
      • Share master data between companies, e.g. Clients, Products / Services
      • Carry out transactions between companies within the group, e.g. Company A sells service to Company B
      • Allocate costs across companies in the group, e.g. Head Office or Marketing cost

Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One delivers these requirements in a fully automated, realtime environment.

Coresystems Field Service Management Software for SAP Business One

Customers determine the success and viability of an enterprise now, more than ever. Furthermore, they demand high levels of service for each Euro or Pound they spend with an organisation. Coresystems Field Service Management Software for SAP Business One has many benefits, including:

  • Connecting all aspects of the field service value chain through innovative technology and deep understanding of today’s consumers’ needs
  • Automating many of the time-consuming, manual processes associated with customer service. Operations Managers can oversee multiple jobs in real time and equip field personnel with up-to-date information to complete repairs quickly. This boosts first-time fix rates and, consequently, customer satisfaction ratings
  • Tracking employee performance, recognising field engineers who excel, as well as those who may need extra training or support
  • Analytical data also shows product line performance and how industry trends may shape future needs

With these tools at hand, Operations Managers and company executives have all the data required to maximise profitability and reduce expenses on a daily basis. This solution ultimately reduces stress, increases success rates and helps to future proof your organisation.

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