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Managing Multi-Country Operations in Retail

Enterprise retailers face many of the same challenges that other…

SAP Retailers of the Future Report

SAP surveyed 2,000 consumers and 300 retailers across the E.U.…
Contactless Payment

Retail Hardware is Risky Business

Technology is rewriting the rules of retail.  After the last…
Omnichannel Benefits

Omnichannel and eCommerce are Synonymous with Growth in Retail

It is generally accepted that most enterprise retailers have…
Project Management

Taking the Pain Out of Projects

Successful project management is probably more of an art than…
ERP is Affordable

Achieve a 22% Decrease in Operating Costs

ERP is no longer the reserve of the elite, multi-branch, global…
Multi Company

Managing the Multi-Company Challenge

Business growth while welcome is almost always accompanied by…
Field Sales

Managing your Mobile Workforce

The advent of the mobile internet coupled with increasingly powerful…
Warehouse Management

Are you a Victim of your eCommerce Success?

eCommerce is your shop window on the world. The ultimate liberator…