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The Changing Face of Retail – REI Retail Retreat

TRC Solutions have been long standing members of Retail Excellence Ireland and their annual event brings together their members from across the country. This year’s event is being hosted in Croke Park across two days on Tuesday 9th of May and Wednesday 10th May.

We’ll be exhibiting on Wednesday and invite you to drop by and discuss your retail needs with us. There are great networking opportunities and REI have also invited several local government representatives who you can meet in their ‘Town and City Investment Village’.

The top 4 talks we’re looking forward to seeing are:

  • Are you Ready for the GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation: Victor Timon, Maples and Calder

    If there is one talk I would recommend, it’s this one. GDPR will be coming into force in 12 months time and retailers are most likely going to find it difficult to implement it if starting at ‘ground zero’. GDPR will be enforced at a European level and the financial fallout after a breach could topple your retail enterprise. Fines can go up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover. For lesser transgressions, the fines can reach €10 million and 2% of revenue. It affects every organisation in every sector that is handling any kind of personal data including payroll and HR. But the challenge for commercial enterprises and service organisations of all kinds lies for the most part in ERP and CRM systems, which are the most used repositories for customer information. If you can not make this talk, you can subscribe to our updates for more information how you might get ready for GDPR.

  • Critical Online Success Factors in 2017 and Beyond: Alan Coleman, CEO, Wolfgang Digital

    Amazon is 12th on the list of Top 250 Global Retailers after a little more than 20 years in business and only introduced a bricks and mortar store last year. Not only that, but 90% of shoppers in the UK and 71% of Irish shoppers have made a purchase on this behemoth of an eCommerce store. While most Irish retailers do not have the economies of scale that Amazon enjoys, there are some success factors that can help your retail enterprise succeed online. Alan has a massive amount of information to share, so come prepared to take notes.

  • Turning Customers into Fans: Mark Gould, Head of Retail Transformation, AIB

    The reputation of the banking industry has had a tough time over the years. Between the scandals and ease of movement, banks have lost customers to competitors. AIB have set themselves a vision to become the best-loved Irish brand in 2017. A tall ask but there’s no better team to achieve this and they’ve steadily worked to build the brand into something that customers actively want to engage with. Mark is an entertaining speaker who will share the learnings from AIB’s efforts to date (reaching number 3 in the top Irish brands in a recent survey).

  • Experiential Retail Increases Sales: Darren Smyth, Head of Retail, Shannon Group

    Customer experience has been top of mind for many retailers who are looking to increase spend per head and build customer loyalty. Few have managed to achieve this success with greater success than Darren Smyth and his team. Yes, we’re biased as he’s a long-time client of ours but having seen the success that has been built first-hand, it’s hard not to be impressed. We’re looking forward to hearing him discuss his first-hand experience on the challenges faced, how they created the new tourist brand and successfully won a share in the market, counteracting online competition.


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