Enterprise Cemetery Management

Enterprise Cemetery Management

Enterprise Cemetery Management

Enterprise Cemetery Management is a unique software powered by SAP for the management of the modern cemetery. Built by TRC Solutions with guidance from Glasnevin Trust, ECM is the only system that covers every aspect of cemetery control.

TRC Solutions

As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) partner, TRC Solutions were in a perfect position to create Enterprise Cemetery Management. A cemetery like any other organisation becomes mismanaged and disconnected after time, leading to inefficiencies. An ERP is the solution for all businesses to streamline their processes, benefit from advanced technology and increase efficiency.

We provide our clients with technology, support and 30 years’ industry expertise from pre-implementation and beyond go-live.

SAP Business One

ECM was built on SAP Business One, which is utilised by over 65,000 businesses and used by over 1,000,000 individuals everyday. As an SAP product, ECM supports 126 languages, tax codes globally, GDPR compliance and cloud security. Best practices and expertise are built into the system so cemeteries benefit from the extensive research and development undertaken by SAP (€4.3 billion expenditure on R & D in 2019).

Through the research and development conducted by SAP, your cemetery can introduce state of the art technology including: machine learning, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Our clients have utilised SAP’s resources to implement CRM for records management, drone technology and geolocation software for grave location and batch linking into accounting products.

The Enterprise of Enterprise Cemetery Management

Enterprise Cemetery Management brings improved workflow efficiency to our clients. Because all processes are managed on a single software, you are able to see what is happening at all levels of the cemetery and communication between users is quick and clear.

For all cemeteries

Any cemetery at any stage of the digitisation journey can implement ECM and we hope that you contact TRC Solutions to learn more about the revolutionary software. Through TRC Solutions and ECM, you receive more than an ERP software to improve, you also get a long term roadmap, strategic development and guidance to secure your future.

Learn more about ECM

Below, we have included a video discussion on ECM with TRC Solutions’ CEO, Gavin Peacock and Solutions Director, Steven Maguire.

Get in touch with TRC Solutions today for a personalised demo on ECM.


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