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EPOS Software from TRC Solutions

EPOS Software from TRC Solutions

The rich functionality of our EPOS Software from TRC Solutions and Store Management systems gives your customer-facing staff all the tools they need to convert more sales and run better stores

EPOS Systems for Enterprise Retail

Consumers today expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels, our EPOS Systems provide mobile and fixed point of sale functionality with certified integrations into SAP Business One to deliver a unified platform for the retail operation.

Technology has empowered the modern consumer for connected commerce, enabling them to shop anywhere and anytime. For retailers, it can be a challenge to integrate the sales channels and operational processes that are now needed to deliver on the customers’ expectations. Fulfilment is a key component, with services like click & collect and store to home delivery becoming the norm. TRC Solutions provide EPOS systems that are fully integrated with SAP Business One ERP, providing the stores with feature-rich in-store point of sale and unifying the entire retail operation with a corporate-grade business management solution.

Over 30 Years Experience in Retail

TRC Solutions are proud to be one of the few retail specialists with over 30 years experience installing and supporting market-leading EPOS Systems to enterprise retailers. We understand the needs of the retailer, the need to support the stores for all their trading hours, the need to provide retail hardware on-site support with agreed service level agreements that are consistently delivered on 7 days a week, 364 days a year. We have developed working practices that allow us to be there to provide the right support at the right time.

SAP Customer Checkout –
Integrated with SAP Business One

SAP Customer Checkout delivers a range of retail-focused functionality, including card payments, discounts, voucher management, with an offline option, ensuring it can run without a direct link to the inventory management system.

TRC Solutions have been working in retail for over 30 years and have always relied on world-class, third party integrations for SAP, such as iVend for Retail.  With the introduction of a new and improved SAP product, we are proud to offer SAP Customer Checkout as a standalone product for retail that can also be integrated with the entire SAP ERP suite of products.

Detailed real-time information and analysis ensure your staff can avoid bottlenecks which can appear in the fast-moving retail sector.  This flow of information from various outlets combined with your supply chain management helps you to evaluate your data at any time, providing you with the knowledge regarding stock orders and which products are particularly profitable.

SAP Customer Checkout Solution Brief

Introduction to SAP Customer Checkout:

iVend Retail – Integrated with SAP Business One

iVend Retail is a global leading retail solution that provides fixed point of sale, mobile point of sale, store management, loyalty, reporting, analytics and is fully integrated with SAP Business One. A stable and secure enterprise-grade solution that connects all the customer touchpoints, and delivers a unified solution to run the entire retail operation effectively.

With iVend, all departments see a single stream of data truth enabling faster and more informed decisions With an emphasis on performance and functionality, iVend fully supports customer-facing omnichannel and empowers the enterprise retailer by providing the right tools for the way retailers work today.

TRC Solutions are an iVend certified partner and an SAP Business One certified partner, enabling us to take care of your entire retail solution deployment – one industry-specialised partner with over 30 years experience.

Retail One – Integrated with SAP Business One

Retail One is a powerful EPOS Solution that extends the market-leading capabilities of SAP Business One to seamlessly support the unique requirements of retail operations. Retail One connects directly into the SAP Business One database, providing one version of the truth in a unified platform to manage the entire business processes of the retail organisation.

Retail One point of sale offers a very comprehensive set of features to support store operations, yet it is also intuitive leading to reduced training time for staff. With Retail One there is no downtime – if the store loses connection to head office the point of sale units continue to function in offline mode and seamlessly resynchronise the data when the connection is restored.

TRC Solutions is a certified Retail One partner and a certified SAP Business One partner, enabling us to take care of the entire Retail ERP deployment for the enterprise retailer. One industry-specialised partner providing a single unified platform for retail.

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