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Eternity – delivering excellence to Dublin Cemeteries Trust

Eternity – delivering excellence to Dublin Cemeteries Trust

Eternity Cemetery Management is unlike any other software on the market. The SAP-authored product brings every workflow a Cemetery or Crematoria needs to operate into one secure Enterprise system.

Unlike most other systems, Eternity was built through guidance from the end-user: Dublin Cemeteries Trust. When TRC Solutions were first approached by DCT, they needed a system which could support them in managing their entire workflow – spanning from the booking of burials to accommodating school tours.

Dublin Cemeteries Trust

Dublin Cemeteries Trust is a very unique organisation; they manage 5 cemeteries and crematoria across Dublin with Glasnevin being the largest. Glasnevin Cemetery is a significant cemetery, one of Ireland’s biggest tourist destinations and among the most important historical and cultural attractions in Europe.

The Trust oversees the work of almost 100 staff across their locations with Glasnevin being the primary and largest (124 acres and 1.2 million people buried there). They deliver two core services: Cemetery & Funeral Services and Heritage & Education Services.

In Cemetery & Funeral Services, Dublin Cemeteries Trust is responsible for managing and maintaining plots and burials while ensuring families of the bereaved are treated with the utmost care and respect. Through Heritage & Education Services, the Trust cater for the 500,000 global visitors that visit Glasnevin every year to see the resting place of Ireland’s most influential people. 

What stands out most about Dublin Cemeteries Trust is its commitment to delivering the best experience possible to all customers. Across their Monuments, Ticketing, Tours, Burials, Cremation, Retail and Genealogy functions – the Trust ensure an unrivalled performance from their fantastic Team.

Due to their level of customer service and place at the innovative forefront in their industry – DCT recognised the need for a system which manages all aspects of Cemetery Management. Before Eternity Cemetery Management was created, there was no System to meet these distinctive needs.

The Eternity System – Total Cemetery Management

Eternity encompasses all the benefits of SAP ERP (with all of the associated workflows, privacy and security) with integration to retail, genealogy, burial bookings and ground maintenance. As a platform-based service, Eternity Cemetery Management clients benefit from the best practices and expertise built into the system; supporting 127 languages, tax codes globally, GDPR compliance, and cloud security.

From the day of go-live at Dublin Cemeteries Trust, Eternity was a resolved product which met all of the needs which were discussed through the pre-implementation process. TRC Solutions took the time to work with DCT and about their needs and workflows so as to create the perfect System.

Future-Proofing Dublin Cemeteries Trust

Cemetery Management Software Case Study

With other Cemetery Management Systems, the product becomes redundant and less efficient from the day of go-live. Dublin Cemeteries Trust already had experience with legacy systems which they had outgrown. What they wanted was a total solution which would grow with them and future-proof the organisation: this is what Eternity delivers.

Due to the continuous upgrades that SAP brings to Eternity Cemetery Management, DCT benefits from state-of-the-art technology such as drone mapping, improved CRM, and machine learning. As an SAP system, Eternity works and integrates with legacy systems to ensure nothing is lost and excellence is guaranteed.

Now, Dublin Cemeteries Trust is benefiting from an unrivalled solution which will enable them to deliver the world-renowned experience they are known for well into the future.

User Experience

As happy as DCT is with the financial improvements since implementing Eternity – improved User Experience is where they see the biggest benefit. Through the Software, they are able to work with funeral directors and the bereaved to create certainty and remove roadblocks around the burial process.

The streamlined workflow between all relevant parties (Grounds Maintenance, Administration, Accounting) has created a reduction of approximately 8 hours in booking each burial. The Trust can now provide a more efficient service to families facing difficult times.

TRC Support

From Go-Live, Dublin Cemeteries Trust and TRC Solutions set up a structure of daily/weekly meetings to action feedback from testing, change requests and any further enhancements needed.

Since implementation, the DCT Team is seeing the benefits of the new system by virtue of everything being central and the remote accessibility from anywhere which proved to be crucial during the “work from home” environment.

Eternity Cemetery Management has proven to be very flexible and powerful for Dublin Cemeteries Trust which means they can continue with their commitment to delivering an unrivalled experience.

Glasnevin Trust

For all Cemeteries

While Eternity was built with the needs of DCT in mind, it can be configured for organisations of all sizes and scope: from Local Authorities to multi-site Significant Cemeteries. Whatever your needs, Eternity can be configured to your unique requirements.

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