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How a Modern Cemetery Solution supports Remote Working

How Modern Cemetery Solutions support Remote Working


While all businesses and industries are being impacted due to COVID-19 restrictions, Cemetery and Crematoria Services face significant difficulties.

Cemeteries and Crematoria cannot close shop and wait for things to blow over. Their services need to run as efficiently as ever, clientele need to be treated with utmost discretion during the difficult time and grounds and amenities need to be maintained.

For Cemeteries and Crematoria without a Cemetery Management Software or with inefficient technology, operating during the current restrictions has become untenable. 

Our clients Glasnevin Trust, which manages 5 Cemeteries in Dublin City, have seen no disruptions during the COVID-19 restrictions and Improved Efficiency as a result of the Cemetery Management Software.

Greg Pluymers, Systems Manager at Glasnevin Trust, said that “We were already working seamlessly as a result of the Software and when restrictions came in place, we didn’t miss a step

Regarding the need for Social Distancing and Remote Working, Greg explained “our team was used to doing everything online, so it was no surprise how effortlessly we adapted to Remote Working.

On the areas where the software best supported Remote Working, the team at Glasnevin Trust chose:

Digitisation of Records

Due to the Software, Glasnevin Trust have all their records on a digital format. These records were accessible online to their team for bookings, funeral directors for finding grave locations and patrons searching for ancestors. 

The 3 core areas of Cemetery and Crematoria Management were thriving without breaching Social Distancing as a result of the state-of-the-art system.

Burial with Dignity 

This is Glasnevin Trust’s main goal when working with patrons: ensuring that the cremation and burial of loved one is handled with dignity and respect during a difficult grieving process.

There were a higher number of services due to the pandemic (up to 18 funeral processions in a single day) and Glasnevin Trust were able to handle this with their administration team working from home and only having their grounds team onsite to lower the coffin and take care of the cremation service.

Managing Bookings

At the best of times, managing bookings can be difficult for Cemeteries working with outdated technology. The
need for stricter time-slots and distancing has only exacerbated this.

The Software allows Glasnevin Trust to manage time-slots for cremations, burials and services and has eliminated over bookings which previously would have been awkward and is now dangerous.


How you can Operate more Efficiently

Implementing a Management Software must be the goal for all Cemeteries and Crematoria that want to be financially durable and efficient. The current crisis has highlighted the truth behind this.

On Friday 11th of September at 11 am (Dublin Time), TRC Solutions will be hosting a Webinar at Glasnevin Cemetery to discuss the benefits of a Cemetery Management Software and how it has supported Glasnevin Trust through Remote Working.

Please join us for the 30 minute demonstration and learn how you can operate more efficiently.

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