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How SAP and TRC Solutions develop Client Relationships

How SAP and TRC Solutions develop Client Relationships

How SAP and TRC Solutions develop Client Relationships

Client Relationship Goals

When it comes to Clients, SAP and TRC Solutions have 3 goals:

1. Deliver a Software which will delight the Client and drive growth for their business

2. Develop a stong relationship through Client-focus, honesty and diligence

3. When necessary, provide add-ons and complimentary Software to improve the Clients’ performance

Long Term Success

SAP and TRC Solutions always want to deliver Value for Clients – and not just in the Short Term. We measure the Long Term Success of our Clients and make sure it is delivered through the continuous improvements to SAP Software and ongoing Training and Support from our Team.

A nurtured Client Relationship fosters an environment where Clients are more open to adopting new technologies and innovations proposed by their SAP Partners. This openness is crucial for driving digital transformation initiatives. When clients trust their Partners, they are more likely to introduce in new SAP Solutions that can enhance their business processes and outcomes.

TRC Solutions Process

The first step is to work with a Client through the Discover Phase of the Activate Methodology (read more about SAP Activate Methodology here) so we are confident that TRC Solutions and SAP Software are the right choice for them to meet their Goals. 

From here, we develop a Solution and provide training that will empower the Client to future-proof and, Post Implementation – provide further support and information about new developments and technology which will bring further improvements to their business.

Client relationship should be to create long-term value for all parties involved. For SAP Partners, this means not only focusing on immediate project deliverables but also on the long-term success of their clients. By nurturing relationships, Partners can help clients realize the full potential of their SAP deployments, ensuring sustained value over time. This long-term perspective aligns the interests of SAP, its Partners, and clients.

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Interview with John McCoy

At SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference Orlando 2024 TRC Solutions’ Chief Advisory Officer Steven Maguire spoke with John McCoy at SAP Sapphire 24 about his experiences and the importance of delivering value to Clients.

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