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How SAP Increases Revenue while Decreasing Overheads

SAP Increasing Revenue Decreasing Overheads

In our last blog on ERP Software, TRC Solutions examined what an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is and the difference between SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign.

Both platforms create differing results for the businesses using them, but all of our clients experience an Increase in Revenue and Decrease in Overheads.

This consistent result is why SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign are used by tens of thousands of companies across the globe. It is the goal for which all businesses aim.

Below, we will examine how businesses operating with an SAP ERP Solution achieve these results:

Increased Revenue

An Increase in Revenue is the desired outcome for businesses after employing SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign. After spending time and resources into selecting and implementing an ERP, businesses are eager to see the Return on Investment and as our clients will confirm SAP delivers.

Maximising Sales

Efficiency SAP

SAP ERP Solutions streamline all business processes and remove much of the manual procedures which can be mismanaged due to human error. With this mismanagement potential leads are often not contacted again, contacted at the wrong time or contacted with incorrect information.

SAP Business One and ByDesign show your Sales Team which leads have the highest potential and value whilst automatically setting up follow up calls, emails and meetings.

With SAP your business can become an Intelligent Enterprise and make the most of all Sales Opportunities available to you.

Production Optimisation

SAP’s Production and Manufacturing modules ensure that after a sale is made your business acts as quickly and efficiently as possible to deliver the product to your customer.

The innovative Stock and Inventory Management system ensures that your supply chain is streamlined and delivery is not affected by human error. You can see how much stock you have at your premises and because reporting is done in real-time the information is always accurate.

Once a sale is made, the ERP takes care of the rest so you do not lose out on any revenue.

Delivering New and Repeat Customers

SAP CustomersSAP Business One and ByDesign’s Marketing and CRM capabilities introduce your brand to new customers and ensure the loyalty of existing customers.

Marketing Campaign Management with SAP allows your business to attract new customers by segmenting leads into target groups and running email and social campaigns to drive sales.

The CRM functionality provides sales support to build stronger and lasting customer relationships. With both ERP Solutions, customer service agents can track customer feedback and search for solutions through a knowledge database. The CRM features are central to why businesses operating with SAP experience higher levels of customer loyalty and retention.

Decreased Overheads

When we speak to potential clients about implementing SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign they are sometimes tentative due to the price of getting set up. However, this hesitation disappears after we show the cost reduction to their business in the short and long term.

Improved Efficiency

TRC Solutions Production SAP

Businesses of all industries and sizes can be guilty of mismanaging resources. Our clients tell us that the most commonly mismanaged resource before they implemented an ERP was human.

Because SAP connects all business departments on a single system, work is always done correctly the first time around. With the digitisation of orders, deliveries and stock keeping, your team does not have to spend hours, days or weeks on the menial tasks of merchandising and inventory management.

KPIs can also be tracked in greater detail and with accurate reporting, you can see why and where goals are not being met.

By introducing an ERP, your business can become more efficient by properly directing resources and reducing manual tasks allowing you to focus on growth

Lower Technology Costs

As companies grow in size, they inevitably need to spend money on IT to help manage this expansion. The expenditure comes in the form of hardware, software, maintenance and IT personnel.

Because both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign offer cloud deployment, you can experience the benefit of growth without the IT expenditure which otherwise would be necessary.

With the cloud deployment, TRC Solutions look after all the necessary infrastructure and maintenance. Your team will also benefit from the training we provide in the best practices of using the ERP to ensure growth.

Decision Making and Communication

SAP Business One SAP Business ByDesign One of the first areas to suffer after a business experiences growth, is communication. As new employees join, new departments are created and the business moves into new markets, processes can often become mismanaged.

This is because the appropriate decision makers are not alerted about the pertinent areas of growth in the business. With an SAP ERP Solution, decision makers are notified in real time and have the final say on all significant business decisions.

SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign ensure that you do not waste time and resources reviewing decisions. With an SAP ERP Solution, the relevant people make the right decision the first time around.

There are endless benefits which an SAP ERP Solution can bring to your business. On Thursday 27th of August 2020 at 11:00 GMT, we will be discussing these benefits in further detail at our Webinar. If you would like to join, please register here.

If you feel that you are ready for a more in-depth demonstration on how an SAP ERP Solution can improve your business, arrange a virtual meeting with TRC Solutions.

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