IFS Industries and Verticals

What industries and verticals are IFS strongest in?

What industries and verticals are IFS strongest in?

IFS has extensive knowledge of multiple industries, being independently recognised as a leading, global supplier of enterprise software both in the cloud and on-premise.

Carlsberg and Pepsi utilise IFS in part because of the strong service management. The service management provided by IFS is unrivalled and is one of the reasons why they and their clients have experienced such phenomenal growth over the last year.

View this clip where TRC Solutions discuss the industries and verticals in which IFS is strongest and how it strengthens businesses in these sectors.

The verticals in which IFS are the strongest include:

Aerospace and Defense


Energy, Utilities and Resources Engineering,

Construction and Infrastructure

Service Industries


The project management capabilities which IFS delivers are central to the software, these reasons and many more are why IFS clients succeed directly after implementation.

If your business is a part of the above verticals, or if you want to learn more about IFS and what it can do for you, contact TRC Solutions.

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