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SAP Add-on

Intercompany and Multibranch

Take control of your enterprise with total visibility while allowing your individual business units to maintain the flexibility and independence that they need in order to flourish.

Reduce Errors and Increase Flexibility
with SAP Certified Add-On Intercompany

Multi-branch enterprises and organisations controlling more than one legal business entity are often faced with the challenge of data sharing and intercompany transactions. This SAP certified Add-On solves the complex issues that arise in these situations by automatically replicating corresponding transactions across multiple company databases. This replication significantly reduces errors and increases efficiency when generating Intercompany trading financial statements.

This deep level of integration throughout the enterprise enables your enterprise to run better, collaborate and make better and more informed decisions.

At a branch level, Intercompany provides a single, affordable solution that meets your essential software needs and integrates readily with other applications across the extended enterprise. This also includes all core business functions across accounting, financials, customer relationship management, sales, service, warehousing and operations and can be deployed both on-premise or in the cloud.

This SAP Certified Add-On will streamline intercompany activities including:

  • Deliver company by company and consolidated group financial reports without manual reconciliation
  • Share master data between companies, e.g. Clients, Products / Services
  • Carry out transactions between companies within the group
  • Allocate costs across companies in the group, e.g. Head Office or Marketing cost
  • Improve control and collaboration with intercompany workflows and business transaction notifications

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Organisations in high growth with multiple offices, need to find a balance between the needs of the headquarters and those of the individual branches. The headquarters will need software that maintains uniformity, business process efficiency and compliance while offering the individual branches the freedom to remain flexible and responsive to local changes.

We recognise that trying to force standardisation across the branches will only stifle innovation. Taking a multi-tier approach will ensure that each department has everything that they need in real-time. With Intercompany, your enterprise management team can coordinate operations, increase visibility and make informed decisions in a cost-effective manner.

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