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Theft, Lies and Big Mistakes – Non Integration Kills Enterprise Efficiencies

Confusion, chaos or Chinese Whispers, call it what you will, but using multiple systems, with various data entry points leaves too much room for manipulation, human error and often requires a lot of costly maintenance. Streamlined, affordable solutions, which integrate are necessary for growth and scale.

SAP Business One provides a true overview of the organisation with regard to sales, customers, inventory, distribution and budgets. It can handle multiple currencies and even offers various projections depending on how optimistic or pessimistic your outlook might be.

The SAP Business One closed loop approach to reporting and analysis gives the power back to the management team. Poor decisions are often made due to incomplete or incorrect data and with the SAP Business One solution, well-informed decisions can be made with a full picture of the organisation.

This all-encompassing product includes:

Finance: Managing orders, budget and accounts payable across multiple currencies and payment methods (cheque, credit card, invoice), enables the finance team to accurately prepare forecasts for management. Processing payments and bank statements ensure that when necessary, management can make decisions with the most up to date and accurate data to hand.

Sales: The management of opportunities, quotes and contracts are all cogs in the wheels that keep a sales team moving forward. SAP Business One gives the sales team a clear view of their responsibilities, ensuring no leads fall out of the funnel and opportunities are closed. Your finance team can accurately forecast using the clear opportunity management dashboards, enabling management to make better decisions.

Inventory: Stock management can be a time-consuming process, but it’s a necessary evil to ensure that items are tracked and managed correctly. It’s not just about serial number management, but price list and special pricing considerations, transferring stock between warehouses and inventory recalculation – these are just some of the activities that can be managed under the same system that links up with your financials.

Reporting: Knowing you have the right data is one thing, but reading and understanding it is another. SAP Business One offers actionable, analytical data which you can process or relate to other business functions, such as employee time and customer lifecycle stages.

SAP Business One is the full end to end solution that can help your enterprise build on efficiencies and increase growth. If your organisation has multiple moving parts with complex systems, perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative.

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