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Making Better Decisions Based on Big Data

Many enterprises are creaking under the weight of the so-called ‘Big Data’ trend. In the last number of years, enterprises have been dealing with greater levels of data and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. We are no longer looking at the ‘Internet of Things’ but the ‘Internet of Everything’. The emergence of ‘Data in Motion’ across multiple platform languages will also put pressure on enterprises that are already feeling the pain.

Poorly managed data can leave many enterprises vulnerable to poor decision-making. How can management make the right decisions for the future of their enterprises, if the data is inaccurate, outdated and collated from different systems?

SAP Business One has a solution which is affordable and agile, giving ‘up to the minute’ data, when executives need it most. Finally, enterprises can look forward to an ‘end to end’ ERP system, offering closed loop reporting and actionable analysis.

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Other benefits include:

Streamlining your enterprise: SAP Business One is a single application, enabling the integration of all critical business functions, resulting in a single overview of sales, purchasing, distribution, inventory, financials and human resources. Information is instantly accessible across the organisation, giving you ‘one truth’ at your fingertips.

Make Better Decisions, Faster: The reporting and analytics displayed by SAP Business One help executives make informed decisions. TRC have seen organisations struggle with different systems that do not integrate with one another, collating information in different ways, leaving the enterprise open to bad decision making. SAP Business One collates data into one system and delivers actionable analytics that speed up decision-making processes.

Identify Future Value: We understand that enterprises are under pressure both manage the organisation and future proof it too. Many solutions offer to help identify trends but until now, identifying future value was the preserve of the few global enterprises with exponential budgets. SAP Business One has now made it possible for enterprises to future-proof their organisations with insightful data, giving your organisation the competitive edge in the market.

Adapt or Die: Enterprises can not afford to stay static and neither should their ERP solution. SAP Business One is easily adaptable and there is no lengthy implementation process. Not only is SAP Business One painless to implement at the configuration stage, but as your enterprise grows, the software adapts and can be customised to your changing needs. As an all in one solution, it eliminates the cost and pain of integrating multiple applications and minimises the need for IT involvement, letting you get on with business.

Customer First: We know that leads and customers are the most important asset for the survival of your organisation. SAP Business One delivers CRM functionality, giving enterprises full control over the full customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention. A well-managed customer lifecycle helps profitability and future planning.

If your organisation is looking to develop better processes and make better decisions, consider speaking to the team at TRC Solutions.

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