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New Client Annoncement – KAL Partz

TRC Solutions’ new client announcement – KAL Partz

SAP Customer Checkout Integration with SAP S/4HANA Public

SAP Partner: Sapphire Systems | Client: KAL Partz

Solution: SAP S/4HANA Public | Geography: North America

TRC Solutions team with Sapphire Systems to implement SAP Customer Checkout for US and Canada-based retail and distribution business.

TRC Solutions is delighted to announce that we are Partnering with North American SAP Partner Sapphire Systems to deploy SAP Customer Checkout for our mutual client, KAL Partz.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Sapphire Systems to introduce a best-in-class Retail Solution to KAL Partz and deliver a competitive edge for the business” – Patrick Hesnan, COO at TRC Solutions.

KAL Partz is a heavy truck and trailer parts retailer and distributor delivering quality parts and accessories to customers worldwide. KAL Partz has 20 stores across the United States and Canada and is deploying SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud through SAP Partner, Sapphire Systems.

KAL Partz

Sapphire Systems is the largest digital operating transformation provider to the mid-market and mid-enterprise with over 1,250 clients in the UK and the US. They support businesses in multiple verticals and focus on providing clients with the best digital transformation possible.

To consolidate its growth, KAL Partz began research on introducing a POS Solution which would:

  1. Grow sales
  2. Increase transaction velocity
  3. Improve customer experience
  4. Seamlessly Integrate with SAP S/4HANA to effectively manage their orders and returns
  5. Provide management with real-time reports on each store’s performance
  6. Integrate with their strategic operations

Due to their complex workflows, KAL Partz could not find a suitable POS Solution and their Partners reached out to TRC Solutions via SAP.

Why TRC Solutions

TRC (Total Retail Control) Solutions have over 30 years of experience implementing POS Software for businesses across UKI, Mainland Europe and North America. We work closely with the SAP Customer Checkout Team out of Germany including Product owner at SAP, Bikash Bansal.

We implement SAP Customer Checkout for clients as a standalone product and via integration with SAP ERP and assist SAP ERP Partners with Retail Projects. TRC Solutions work alongside SAP ERP Partners to deliver In-Store, Omni-Channel POS via SAP Customer Checkout for an end-to-end SAP Retail Solution.

How does Sapphire Systems benefit?

The main advantage for SAP ERP Partners working with TRC Solutions is that retail can become a focused strategic vertical and an additional revenue source. Sapphire Systems receive revenue from the licenses while TRC Solutions work with their Pre-Sales Team, delivering expertise and services around retail specialist requirements. Our Technical Teams provide best practice in-store rollouts with Retail SLA’s focused ongoing in-store care.

How does KAL Partz benefit?

Through SAP Customer Checkout, KAL Partz will receive a fully SAP-authored POS Solution that is unrivalled in Omnichannel Retail when deployed in conjunction with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud.

With SAP Customer Checkout integration and Retail improvements empowered by TRC Solutions’ design and training, KAL Partz feels secure that each of their goals laid out at the beginning of the project can be achieved.

The Retail Vertical – Opportunities for SAP Partners

As an SAP Partner, we understand the language and culture of enterprise. We work alongside your sales teams throughout the pre-sales process, offering a seamless, unified experience to your client.  TRC Solutions’ product portfolio and retail industry expertise, coupled with your ERP credentials, offers a compelling retail ERP offering.

The retail vertical is worth $27.34 trillion in 2022 (Statista 2022). Working with TRC Solutions allows SAP ERP Partners to engage confidently with the retail vertical without the requirement to onboard specialist retail skills while providing an industry-best experience for your retail clients.  

If you have an opportunity you would like to speak with us about, please contact

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