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Sales Increases of 20% Year on Year without Additional Overheads

TRC Solutions have a single management solution for your oil and lubricant business, providing sales and growth opportunities that were previously out of reach.  Our solution will help your enterprise gain deeper insights into your sales pipeline, empowering you with the facts for your management meetings and ensure your sales team are managing the customer lifecycle correctly.

The Benefits

Our single repository for your sales and opportunity pipeline provides a full view of your organisation and will empower you to make decisions based on facts.

  • Better Insights:  Your team will have a single repository in which to record information, providing management with a bird’s eye view of the enterprise, in real-time.   This information will give you deeper insights, which can be used when reviewing the business with suppliers
  • Maximise Existing Opportunity Assets: Empower your sales team to make more calls, sell more product and generate higher margins.  Using factual data, our solution will help you manage your existing sales pipeline by identifying trends and opportunities
  • Track your Existing Pipeline: Drill down into the details for orders, customer journeys, sales cycles to identify opportunities and build rapport with your customers.  Proven ROI of 23% sales in year one, 20% in year two and 20% in year three.
  • Open New Accounts: By tracking competitive and marketing prices, you will know with confidence, the price at which you need to achieve in order to open a new account and maximise the rest of the product range
  • Retain Customers:  The costs of retaining a customer is significantly lower than winning new business. Recording all information relating to your customers and installing prompts to ensure effective customer management will help your team build customer rapport and pre-empt the needs of customers
  • Empower Growth:  Sales teams can log ‘Net New Names‘, identify competitors and track pricing.  Our solution will flag follow-up dates for all leads, ensuring nothing falls through the gaps.  This information ensures your sales teams spend less time selling in the wrong area and focus on converting leads in the most profitable areas
  • Director Level Reporting:  In the oil and lubricant industry, we understand how important it is to deliver the right data to your suppliers, in order to maximise rebates and provide the right information at the right time.  Managing the multiple streams with separate data sheets require vast amounts of time to prepare and errors can cost your business significant losses.  This function is now fully automated with SalesSync
  • Annual Supplier Meetings:  The data sets required for these meetings are both in-depth and go beyond the single verticle.  It simplifies information and provides you with factual and sourced information for your suppliers.  Our customers have experienced an increase in rebates (of 500%), as a direct result of this system  
  • Scheduling and Task Management:  Simplify opportunity management with calendars and reminders, ensuring nothing falls behind

Success Story: Burke Lubricants

Winner of the prestigious 2015 Exxon Mobil Circle of Excellence Award, Burke Lubricants have benefitted from the SalesSync Pipeline Solutions

As the only Exxon Mobil distributor in Ireland, this is a great globally recognised award and has benefitted Burke Lubricants significantly as it’s a great vote of confidence in the global Exxon Mobile brand.  Burke Lubricants would not have achieved such an accolade without the use of SalesSync from TRC Solutions.

Prior to implementing SalesSync, Burke Lubricants recognised the need for more accurate sales forecasting software that would connect sales, ordering, distribution and reporting functions.   In the first year of installing the solution, the organisation has experienced a growth of 23%, in the second year sales grew by 20% and this year, Burke Lubricants forecast a 20% growth yet again.

SalesSync increased the efficiency of the sales team significantly, due to the visibility of current customers, target leads and all reminders and documents are synced across the same system.  The sales team were able to work remotely, updating sales orders and customer requests.

There was minimal training required as the solution is user-friendly and built specifically for the oil and lubricant industry and integration was facilitated by TRC Solutions to their existing SAP Business One install.  Their SAP Business One install communicates seamlessly with SalesSync and is available onsite and via mobile so that the field sales team can manage and update orders and opportunities easily.   Orders are sent directly to SAP via SalesSync, ensuring efficient management of both the stock and customer relationships, reducing the time from order to delivery down to as little as 24 hours.  SalesSync has helped grow sustainable volume year on year and increase levels of customer satisfaction for Burke Lubricants without the need to increase overheads.

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