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ERP Solution for Retail

What TRC Solutions provides retailers

With over 30 years of retail industry expertise, TRC Solutions are highly sought after by retailers who want the best for their clients through training, knowledge and an integrated suite of B2B, B2C, eCommerce, EPOS and ERP solutions.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the retail industry places TRC Solutions in an unparalleled position to support and deliver the best possible results to our retail clients. Through our guidance and solutions you will scale, integrate, and extend your processes to meet the needs of a growing business and customer base, while managing your team efficiently to improve customer loyalty and experience.

Whatever the requirements and available budget for your project, TRC Solutions have the the industry expertise and solutions to support you in reaching your goals.

Retail Solutions

What TRC Solutions bring to your retail project

With over 30 years of expertise, TRC Solutions bring specialist knowledge which guides our clients from the Pre Sales Process to beyond Go-Live.

TRC Solutions are committed to delivering solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ objectives and ambitions. We pride ourselves on the transparency and rigour of our process which works to integrate competitive management application technology, create and conquer complex challenges. Our ethics are the foundation we derive and build from, installing confidence and integrity throughout all and any application of our services.

Retail Solutions for your Business

iVend Retail

iVend Retail is a cloud-based digital store platform for enterprise retail management. The suite of integrated, omnichannel solutions empower retailers to provide exceptional customer experiences throughout the entire shopper journey. Improve your business and secure a dominant position in the demanding omnichannel environment with iVend Retail.

Learn more about iVend Retail here.

Aphix for SAP ERP

Aphix is tightly integrated with SAP ERP Solutions and will automate your sales order process. The platform uses the existing real-time data housed within your SAP ERP solution to power your eCommerce store for Omni Channel retail success.

Learn more about Aphix here.

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