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SAP Business One Achieves ICAEW Accreditation

SAP Business One Achieves ICAEW Accreditation

SAP Business One is the Most Comprehensive Business Management Platform For Emerging Enterprise. Used by 1,200,000 people in 70,000 businesses in 170 countries everyday, SAP Business One can also transform your business.

As an SME or mid-sized company, chances are you’ve got plenty of plates spinning – from managing cash flow, supply chain and operations to handling remote work, employee engagement and more. Think of SAP Business One as your one-stop shop for building an interconnected organisation and driving profitable business growth.

As one of the world’s leading digital transformation solutions, SAP Business One gives you more data and more control by bringing multiple functions of your business into a single platform. Deployed on Cloud or On-Premise, it’s built with flexibility in mind and can be configured to your specific capabilities as your business develops.

Full accreditation

SAP Business One has taken the ambitious step of achieving full accreditation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).  SAP Business One has satisfied the ICAEW’s robust technical evaluation criteria and is proud to have achieved this milestone.  Accreditation from the ICAEW is a prestigious benchmark from an organisation that ensures the 147,000 global members are meeting the highest ethical and technical standards.

The full evaluation report is available online by clicking here.


Your chosen ERP platform is like your company’s central nervous system. If it’s healthy, your organisation runs more effectively – coordinating resources to capitalise on new business opportunities, outperform competitors and reduce costs. Problem is, without the right implementation support, you won’t see its true value.

TRC Solutions has a proven track record of guiding companies through the implementation of SAP Business One – from the pre-sales process to beyond go-live. We bring specialist knowledge to your organisation so you can feel comfortable and confident in the success of your ERP system and meet future challenges head on.

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