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SAP Business One

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SAP Business One

Manage your entire business with SAP Business One. Gain greater insight of your SME and streamline all processes – including accounting and finance, sales and CRM, project management and HR. Make informed decisions based on real-time information to drive growth for your business.

As an SAP Global Partner, TRC Solutions provide your team with the knowledge and training to utilise SAP Business One to take your business to the next level and increase efficiency. The flexible, modular yet powerful ERP software is designed to support smaller to midsized companies in growth and improvement.

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SAP TRC Solutions

A Global Solution

SAP Business One is used in over 170 Countries, with 44 localisations and 28 languages. 71,000 + businesses and 1,000,000 + users around the world utilise the Enterprise Resource Planning Software every day.

With 500+ industry solutions, SAP Business One is the software for your company to grow and improve with. At a 95% retention rate, businesses consistently confirm the benefits to their operations.

Global SAP Business ByDesign

Grow your business

Unlike other software which becomes redundant from the date of implementation, SAP Business One improves and grows along with your business.

Built on state-of-the-art computing infrastructure, users benefit from advanced analytics, cloud and mobile technologies, internet of things (IoT) and machine learning. These technologies give your company the ability to change your business models and create new products and services in the digital economy.

Every year SAP commits to improving client’s operational efficiency through their extensive research and development (€4.4 million on R&D in 2020). This ensures that your business remains competitive, can plan for the future and grow.

Grow SAP Business ByDesign


Every business is different – different capabilities, goals and resources. SAP Business One was designed with flexibility in mind so it can be configured to your specific needs and ability.

SAP Business One can be deployed on Cloud or On-Premise, has mobile access so your team can make informed real-time decisions from anywhere and can be integrated with other applications (Financial, CRM, Marketing, eCommerce etc.)

SAP Business One Flexible
Role of an SAP Partner

The role of an SAP Partner

SAP Business One is implemented and supported by a global network of SAP Partners that bring specialist knowledge to guide clients from the Pre Sales Process to beyond Go-Live. As an SAP Global Partner, TRC Solutions are committed to delivering solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ objectives and ambitions.

We pride ourselves on the transparency and rigour of our process which works to integrate competitive management application technology, create and conquer complex challenges. Our ethics are the foundation we derive and build from, installing confidence and integrity throughout all and any application of our services.

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