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SAP Customer Checkout – Feature Pack 20

SAP Customer Checkout – Feature Pack 20

SAP Customer Checkout Feature Pack 20

SAP Customer Checkout is an SAP Authored POS Solution that has been gaining attention across the globe and particularly in North America this year.

The Software is known for its comprehensive features and adaptability to businesses of all sizes and types and for the Seamless integration with SAP ERP to deliver an End to End SAP Solution. The Software has been implemented into businesses from multiple verticals, including Stadia, Fashion Retail, Grocery Stores, Hosputality, Distribution, and Entertainment – as a standalone and integrated with SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP S/4HANA Public and Private Cloud.

The SAP Customer Checkout Team out of Waldorf, Germany has ths week announced Feature Pack 20 for SAP Customer Checkout, introducing a suite of upgrades and new functionalities designed to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and bolster integration capabilities. Here’s a detailed look at what these upgrades mean for users.

See an overview of the functions and features of the new Release below:

Functions and Features

1. SAP Machine 17 and Java 17 Support


  • Support for SAP Machine 17 and Java 17: Ensures compatibility and performance improvements.
  • Deprecation Notice: Support for SAP Machine 11 and Java 11 will end with the next feature pack.


  • Future-Proofing: Users are encouraged to transition to SAP Machine 17 or Java 17 to ensure a smooth update process for future versions.
  • Enhanced Performance: Improved performance and stability by leveraging the latest Java technology.

2. New Application and Enhancements in Gift Cards

New Gift Card Configurations:

  • Customizable Gift Card Templates: Users can create and apply different configurations for new or existing gift cards.
  • Fields and Parameters: Detailed customization including ID types, validity periods, activation requirements, and more.


  • Increased Flexibility: Enhanced ability to tailor gift card settings to meet specific business needs and customer requirements.
  • Better Management: Streamlined processes for creating and managing gift cards.

3. Customer Display Plugin Enhancements


  • Theme Customization: Users can customize the display content with slideshows, background images, and logos.
  • Sales Process Visibility: Articles added to the receipt are displayed on the Customer Display.
  • Subitem Display: All subitems of sales or manual sets are shown.
  • Foreign Currency Support: Display of foreign currency codes and amounts.


  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: Improved customer experience with clear and engaging displays.
  • Advertising Opportunities: Use the display for promotional content and advertisements.

4. Improved Reporting and Data Management

New Reports:

  • Receipt Information per Gift Card and Customer: Detailed reports on receipts involving gift cards.
  • Gift Card Revenue per Customer, Tax Rate, and Article Group: Aggregated reports providing insights into gift card usage.


  • Better Insights: Comprehensive reporting tools to analyze gift card sales and usage.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Data-driven insights to optimize sales strategies and customer engagement.

5. Miscellaneous Enhancements

Additional Features:

  • Increased Name Field Length for Company: Allows longer company names in configurations and receipts.
  • Persisted Notifications: Notification history is stored and accessible upon login or page refresh.
  • Removed Deprecated Modes: Cleaned up configuration options by removing outdated modes.


  • Improved Usability: Enhanced configurations and clearer options.
  • Streamlined Operations: Efficient handling of notifications and configurations.

Feautre Pack

See the full Feature Pack here

TRC Solutions

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