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SAP Customer Checkout – US Localisation

SAP Customer Checkout – US Localisation

Opportunities for US Retailers and SAP Partners through localisation of SAP Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Checkout is significantly increasing its footprint through US Localisation taking place in February 2023. SAP Customer Checkout is an SAP-authored POS Software that operates as a standalone solution and integrates seamlessly with SAP ERP – For a full introduction read our “What is SAP Customer Checkout” blog here.

As a modern Point-of-Sale system, tailored to comply with the growing demands of both digital and physical retail, SAP Customer Checkout provides an efficient checkout process and seamless end-to-end integration to the ERP system. The US-localisation of SAP Customer Checkout offers US-based retailers and SAP-Partners a game-changer for their business.

Capabilities and Key Features of SAP Customer Checkout

  • Point-of-Sale: From sales, returns, to discounts – SAP Customer Checkout supports all common processes that are needed at point-of-sale
  • Central Point-of-Sale Management: Manage your POS systems in different shops around the globe centrally
  • End-to-End Integration: Full integration of your POS systems to your backend ERP system
  • Loyalty, Coupons and Omnichannel: Manage customer loyalty programs, coupons, and reward loyal customers
  • Mobile Order: Let customers order and pay online via mobile phones

For a full list of what SAP Customer Checkout will bring your business, view the Solution Guide.

With the latest software version, SAP Customer Checkout now complies with the tax calculation regulations set by the United States. TRC Solutions’ client Trailer Wheel and Frame will be among the first US-based business to deploy SAP Customer Checkout. See how the Texas-based client’s SAP ERP integration with SAP Customer Checkout was signed here.

“The integration is fast, in real-time, and easy to use,” – Harald Tebbe, Product manager of SAP Customer Checkout.

“It is amazing to see how the application has developed so far. We started with some basic sales functionalities for merchandise shops in 2014 and now SAP Customer Checkout is wildly successful, running the checkout for merchants and retailers all over the world. Based on our experiences, we are very proud and well-equipped to take the application to the next level. By achieving this big milestone, we set the stage for future opportunities and customers, and we are ready to access the new U.S. market,”.

As SAP Partners with over 32 years of experience in supporting businesses through Retail Software. TRC Solutions are the go-to Retail Partner for SAP and work closely with their Team and the SAP Customer Checkout Team out of Germany.

TRC Solutions and SAP Customer Checkout

TRC Solutions with SAP Customer Checkout Product owner, Bikash Bansal at SAP SMB Summit 2022

We are delighted to offer our services to all US businesses that wish to future-proof through SAP Customer Checkout.

What US Localisation means for Retailers

By upgrading their Retail Solution to SAP Customer Checkout, Retailers receive state-of-the-art software to solve all the challenges of modern Point-of-Sale Systems including:

  • End-to-End Integration
  • Loyalty Management
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Security and Legal Requirements
  • Omni-Channel Processes

SAP Customer Checkout’s European clients benefit from a simplified point-of-sale process, real-time and in-depth insights and overall business productivity and efficiency. Through SAP Customer Checkout, retailers can:

  • Take advantage of rich POS functionalities that can be used for different business scenarios
  • Manage POS operations centrally for multiple locations and gain real-time insights into sales and financial data
  • Save time and prevent manual errors through a seamless end-to- end integration to your ERP system
  • Gain insights on customer purchase history and offer personalised sales
  • Benefit from the flexibility to extend and scale the solution anytime combined with a modern user interface

Any business with a retail function can improve through SAP Customer Checkout, see how Fashion Retailer, Born Clothing and Home Furnishings business, Michael Murphy Home Furnishings are thriving through the software by clicking on the images below:

Born Clothing SAP Customer Checkout Client Fashion

SAP Customer Checkout Client Michael Murphy Home Furnishing

If you are a Retailer hoping to outperform competitors and improve in 2023 while cutting costs, contact TRC Solutions to learn about SAP Customer Checkout.

What US Localisation means for SAP Partners

With the US-localisation of SAP Customer Checkout, there are massive opportunities for North American SAP Partners with Retail projects. SAP Customer Checkout is sold only through partners like TRC Solutions who work hand in glove with the SAP ERP Partner’s Pre-Sales Team.

We deliver expertise around in-store / retail specialist requirements and our Technical Teams provide best-practice in-store rollouts with Retail SLA-focused ongoing in-store care. The SAP ERP Partner’s specialist SAP S/4 HANA expertise is leveraged around Sourcing & Procurement, Material Management, Supply Chain, Warehouse, HR, Financials etc.

Our Team have worked with SAP Partners such as YASH Technologies and Sapphire Systems to deploy SAP Customer Checkout with SAP ERP Projects. This month, we Partnered with VistaVu Solutions to deploy SAP Customer Checkout and SAP Business ByDesign for US-based business, Trailer Wheel and Frame. See how TRC Solutions’ knowledge of SAP Customer Checkout secured the signing up of our mutual client.

The main advantage for SAP ERP Partners working with TRC Solutions is that retail can become a focused strategic vertical and an additional revenue source. VistaVu Solutions receive revenue from the licenses while TRC Solutions work with their Pre-Sales Team, delivering expertise and services around retail specialist requirements.

The clients of SAP Partners receive industry-best support and training and a fully SAP-authored POS Solution that is unrivalled in Omnichannel Retail when deployed in conjunction with SAP ERP.

We plan to reach out to all US-based SAP Partners in the coming days, but if you want to speak with TRC Solutions about a pressing Retail Project and arrange an SAP Customer Checkout Presentation, contact

SAP Customer Checkout is a game-changer in Retail and offers massive opportunities to any US business. Please find further information on SAP Customer Checkout here:

SAP Customer Checkout Solution Brief

SAP Customer Checkout Website

SAP Customer Checkout Product Guide

If you would like to arrange a System Presentation, please contact TRC Solutions.

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