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SAP IS-Retail

Seamlessly Integrate Head Office, Online & In-Store Operations.

The Challenges Faced by Enterprise Retailers

Large enterprises spread across multiple geographies with hundreds of stores tend to have complex retail operations. Not only do they need a robust ERP to support their financial and other business processes, but they also need comprehensive and agile retail solutions so that the updates to their retail policies (even minor updates), are communicated across the retail environment clearly and in real time.

Competitive retail enterprises face challenges when managing business complexities and rely on their retail applications to be extremely intuitive, easy to use and configurable – all from the central location.  TRC Solutions have partnered with iVend to ensure the needs of enterprise retailers are met.

iVend Retail with IS-Retail on top of SAP ERP (also called SAP ECC 6.0), steps up to address the challenge of keeping processes simple while offering full flexibility and all backed by the power of SAP ERP.  This ensures retail operations maintain agility and are responsive to the constant changes in retail operations.

Options for Enterprise Retailers

iVend Retail integrates with SAP ERP running IS Retail (Industry Solution Retail). The entire landscape is designed to utilise the best practices inbuilt in the IS Retail for Head Office processes and extend them via iVend Retail to the entire Retail environment.  Configured with SAP ERP in a central location (typically the Head Office),iVend Retail ensures the entire retail operations are connected to iVend Enterprise – the central Head Office component of iVend Retail. The stores connect to iVend Enterprise over an internet connection and the application is designed in such a way that even if the internet connectivity between the store and the Head Office is interrupted or experiences downtime, the stores continue to carry out transactions as normal without any interruption. This is brought about by the selective replication of data across all stores, carried out by iVend Enterprise.

Integrating Data

The retail data which is collected and collated at the Head Office is then integrated into SAP ERP. There are two broad ways of integrating this data into SAP ERP.  With SAP PI Server connecting directly into SAP ERP or, alternatively, with SAP PI server connecting directly into SAP ERP along with SAP BI / POS DM. The decision to use either of the approaches depends on the nature of the retail business and also on the ERP environment that your enterprise retail organisation prefers. This is a decision which is normally taken during the business blueprinting stage. The Outbound and Inbound transactions from the SAP ERP system are outlined in the section below.

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