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Software and Partner selection will make or break your Business

Software and Partner selection will make or break your Business

Software and Partner selection

Choosing the right Software and Partner

Choosing the right Software and Partner will be the most important decision your business makes for decades – From an individual perspective, it could be the highlight or end of career for the Project Manager. ERP Software Implementation typically happens once every 10 to 20 years and it is a significant investment in terms of finance, time and human resources.

Businesses that go into the Project unaligned, misaligned without goals or without buy-in will fail. Without due diligence, the business may not recover and the Project Manager may no longer have a future with the company.

We say the above, not the frighten anyone out of ERP Implementation. When done correctly and taken seriously, ERP Implementation will enable your business to grow and future-proof. Just ask our Clients or any successful business. The right Partner will be able to support your business through problems you thought were unsolvable – decades long relationships can develop (TRC Solutions has many such cases).

Why Projects fail

Too often in the Client Advisory Process, businesses approach us with the wrong structure or mentality for ERP Implementation. This can be anything from:

  • No consideration for Budget
  • No specific Timeline
  • Lack of vision
  • No goals
  • Lack of interest or buy-in from C-suite / Owners / Decision Makers
  • Unwilling to commit the necessary time and resources to manage the Project

In our experience, when even one of these is a factor, the result will be a failed Project and waste of resources. TRC Solutions have a polcy of not working on such Projects, however, some Partners do which ends in a failed Project, an unfit System being implemented and damage done to the businesses and Project Manager – in many cases this cannot be salvaged.

TRC Solutions delivers success

TRC Solutions utilise SAP Best Practices (including ACTIVATE Methodolgy), follow our ethos of Rigour, Ethics and Transparency and, when necessary, do not work with any Client that would be better suited to another Partner or Software. The above policy has ensured that we can focus on Clients whom need our support and businesses do not waste resources, but leave with valuable insights.

If you wish to work with TRC Solutions or get some guidance on an upcoming or ongoing Implementation, please reach out to us here.

Interview with John McCoy

At SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference Orlando 2024 TRC Solutions’ Chief Advisory Officer Steven Maguire¬†spoke with John McCoy at SAP Sapphire 24 about his experiences as a Client and within SAP in this decision making process and he gave some amazing insight:


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