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The TRC Solutions Process

The TRC Solutions Process

Analyst firm Gartner estimates that 55 to 75 percent of all ERP projects fail. The reasons include not focussing on the long term objectives of the client but only on getting the sale across the line.

There are also other warning signs, including:

  • A lack of an agreed vision and deliverables that are transparently presented in document format and signed off by all stakeholders
  • Failure to maintain continuity of project consultants and key personnel
  • ERP consultants who do not possess real world business experience, which lead to academic as opposed to scholastic documents being produced
  • Lack of a formal risk mitigation and rectification process

We balance the business opportunity with our reward culture

The rewards for our customers are clear – we provide the right solution to meet their existing and future requirements. Our staff work towards rewards that include the rich team environment and remuneration. We ensure that the rewards for our shareholders offer a return on their capital and confidence in our company.

In order for our customers, staff and shareholders to be in harmony with each transaction and project we choose to not undertake any transaction or project that can be weighted disproportionately to customers, staff or shareholders.

How the TRC Solutions process works

SCOPE: We work with some of the most advanced and flexible software solutions on the market, but some organisations have contacted us with less than practical installations. The solution is the tool, but it’s the detailed plans and quality professional services that deliver the solution. This is why we take the time to scope out the needs of your enterprise and provide detailed and easy to understand document, so you and your team are with us at every step of the process.

Before starting any process, we assign a dedicated SAP Consultant who will act in your interests throughout the partnership. This gives you continuity and your SAP consultant will be available to speak to your internal teams, allaying fears and addressing concerns that are inevitable with such a large project. We find this approach particularly beneficial where there are multiple stakeholders with varied concerns and need to be united in order for the successful roll out of this solution.

When creating a bespoke proposal, we review your enterprise needs and ensure that all departments have been giving the opportunity to voice any concerns and identify their departmental needs. Once the full picture is outlined, we develop a comprehensive briefing document which informs the rest of the process.

SAP Business One is our go to product due to it’s power, scalability and reliability. In our business, ‘safe is sexy’ and SAP Business One delivers on all business goals without exposing your enterprise to risk. There are occasions when SAP Business One is not the right fit and we will always complete an in depth investigation of your enterprise and make recommendations upon completion.

INNOVATION: Now that your consultant has developed a deep understanding of your organisation and worked with the internal teams to identify risks and potential concerns, this information is processed at the TRC Solutions office with our multi disciplined SAP team. Your consultant will work with the team to create a bespoke solution that not only solves existing issues but also benefits the enterprise in the long term by scaling and changing as the enterprise grows.

Our in-house development team will only ever use SAP approved Add Ons and ensure your installation of the licence is up to date and completely secure. On occasion, there is a need to develop interface solutions that can integrate with your existing software, people and processes. In this instance, full training and support are included in the solution, ensuring your team are skilled and can utilise the system. We don’t believe in unexpected charges or poor installs, as these go against our core belief of transparency and opens your enterprise up to security risks.

DESIGN: Once the solution is identified and created, your SAP Business One consultant will consult with you and key stakeholders in your enterprise. This gives all parties the opportunity to voice any concerns that may have been missed at the briefing stage. We understand the issues faced by our customers and this is why we ensure we’re doing all we can to mitigate risks. Our approach delivers peace of mind and minimises reputational exposure. Any flagged issues will be resolved before continuing to the next stage of the process.

IMPLEMENTATION: At the implementation stage, our support team will be available to diagnose and solve any issues that may arise. We do not believe in implementation days that run on ad nauseum or accept days that need to be added towards the end of a process. When we quote a number of days for implementation, we stick to it. Our success rate is only possible due to our detailed scoping process and the experienced team that work on our customer accounts.

TESTING: At TRC Solutions, testing is not an afterthought. It is not a bottleneck preventing the implementation going live. Testing is a skill that, if skipped, can create havoc with a deployment. We know that user acceptance testing is the a vital step in the software implementation stage. Our rigorous testing phase ensures that we can see more than just what is on the surface, testing allows us to drill deep into the solution to ensure it’s ready for deployment. We’re quite fond of a quote from Amir Gahrai; ‘Testers don’t break software, software is already broken’. We never deploy untested builds of software and we never issue a release until we are confident that it is fully operational from the first deployment to the countless updates that are inevitable in software.

DEPLOYMENT: It’s always rewarding to see an SAP Business One deployment go live, when you’ve been at the coalface from the initial stages. It’s this excitement that keeps our consultants passionate about their jobs and why we place heavy importance on the continuity of consultants. We don’t chop and change consultants, we understand that continuity of personnel is priceless and lack of which can often be the cause of failure. Continuity ensures your consultant has all the insights needed to facilitate a smooth deployment. Our support team are on standby to assist with any issues but our strenuous testing phase will have ironed out any potential issues, leaving you to focus on user adoption.

SUPPORT: Now that the software is deployed, the focus for us shifts to the long term users. We have dedicated telephone support team with direct dial access and instant remote access screens if applicable. We offer a state of the art web based help desk system that gives real time updates on the status of any support ticket. We offer onsite and remote training for all users. There are ‘drop in clinics’ that can also be arranged and our detailed documentation ensures that new staff members can quickly learn how to leverage the power of SAP Business One. Long term support solutions can be adapted to suit the needs of your enterprise and of course, your SAP Business One Consultant is always available to discuss your deployment in order to future proof the solution and grow your business.

In short: Our software solutions are world class, delivered at a local scale by the skilled and dedicated staff at TRC Solutions.

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