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Asana and Zoom – Make your Team and Meetings more Productive

Asana and Zoom – Make your Team and Meetings more Productive

Asana and Zoom are partnering up to help teams have more purposeful and focused meetings.

Video meetings are a key source of connection between team members—whether your team is remote, hybrid, or globally distributed. Yet more face time through video calls doesn’t always equal more high-impact work. In fact, research shows that casual chats have been replaced with unnecessary meetings, costing individuals 157 hours of productivity over the past year.

Meetings alone aren’t the issue—the problem occurs when meetings aren’t connected to your team’s work. You might have a productive discussion with your team, but if that discussion isn’t captured in notes and action items, a lot of that information will simply be lost. Now, you can turn team discussions into actionable meetings with the Asana app for Zoom.

The Asana app for Zoom makes it easier for teams to collaborate and accomplish their biggest goals, no matter where they’re working. Joining the over 200 technology partners that we’re building alongside, the Asana and Zoom integration extends the power of Asana as a single platform for distributed work.

Asana and Zoom Integration

Why use Zoom and Asana?

The Zoom + Asana integration makes it easy to prepare for meetings, hold actionable conversations, and access information once the call is over. Meetings begin in Asana, where shared meeting agendas provide visibility and context about what will be discussed. During the meeting, team members can quickly create tasks within Zoom, so details and action items don’t get lost. And once the meeting is over, the Zoom + Asana integration pulls meeting transcripts and recordings into Asana, so all collaborators and stakeholders can review the meeting as needed.

Preparing for a meeting with Asana and Zoom

Create a Zoom meeting directly from an Asana task. Plus, add additional context like the meeting agenda or any documents, files, or slide decks that team members should read ahead of time. Adding the Zoom meeting to additional tasks will automatically add them as agenda items to the meeting.

Capture action items during Zoom meetings

When the meeting starts, all the linked tasks will appear in the Asana app inside Zoom, so the team knows what to discuss. As the meeting progresses, create and assign Asana tasks and subtasks directly within Zoom. Easily capture action items without having to switch between apps.

Keeping work moving forward after Zoom meetings

After the meeting, Zoom recordings and transcripts are automatically attached to the Asana task. These same transcripts are searchable within Asana. Now, team members and collaborators can access all of the action items and notes created during the meeting, as well as a recording of what was discussed.

With focused and clear meetings, your Team can move work forward faster – that’s how Asana and Zoom work together to make your work that much better.

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