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Find out how we can
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Leadership Team

Unrivalled experience in providing robust, business process software solutions

TRC Solutions Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Founded in 1991, TRC Solutions has unrivalled experience in providing robust, business process software solutions for hundreds of clients.  Our people and approach enable us to deliver on the goals of our clients.  Our team have decades of experience implementing and supporting business process software.  Partnering with SAP, Asana, IFS, Microsoft and Oracle has provided us with unrivalled experience of the global business software landscape.

Gavin Peacock TRC Solutions

Gavin Peacock, Group CEO

As Group CEO of TRC Solutions, I am responsible for the direction of the group and ensuring our three core values of Transparency, Rigour & Ethics are integrated into everything we do.

Given the numerous software solution suppliers, it is sometimes difficult to identify the right business to engage with.  By starting a conversation with TRC Solutions, you will quickly discover how over 30 years of deep industry experience can ensure your projects’ success.  Connect with Gavin on LinkedIn

Patrick Hesnan TRC Solutions

Patrick Hesnan, Group COO

At TRC Solutions, my role is to support you and ensure the delivery of excellence at every stage of the customer journey, guaranteeing that our core values of Transparency, Rigour and Ethics are adhered to, and at the centre of every action taken by our team.

The management of the team that we will field for you has been honed since 1991. Our longevity and experience will be evident from your first contact with TRC Solutions.  With projects across the globe, we retain our boutique, intelligent and friendly approach, regardless of the size of the opportunity. Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn


Steven Maguire TRC Solutions

Steven Maguire, Chief Advisory Officer

I head up the Solutions team at TRC Solutions. I am responsible for initiating new business relationships and ensure the products and services we offer are an optimal fit for our clients.  I work with our skilled team of Analysts, Engineers and Global Industry Partners to ensure a seamless handover to TRC Solutions operations for solution delivery.

When working with a client, we take the time to identify the areas of their business where control, efficiency, security and profitability can be improved. It is only following this rigorous process that we may recommend a best practice deployment of one of our solutions.

We work closely with our existing clients, ensuring they understand how their systems can be optimised to assist with their evolving enterprise needs.  I look forward to discussing your project requirements with you. Connect with Steven on LinkedIn



Fergus Dooley TRC Solutions

Fergus Dooley, Customer Support Director

As Customer Support Director, I lead our internal and field support teams. Managing your support team at TRC Solutions involves the delivery of SLAs to your satisfaction and monitoring of goals. I am ultimately responsible for all customer service escalations and planning inventory management levels at our warehouse locations.

I am involved in the hardware maintenance pre-sales process to ensure operational compliance. In my role as Director, I enjoy working with our skilled and enthusiastic support teams and fantastic clients. Connect with Fergus on LinkedIn

Dereck Teefy TRC Solutions

Dereck Teefy, Operations Director

My role is to ensure that our implementation teams lead successful solution deployments which are delivered in scope, on time and in budget.  TRC Solutions Group are a PRINCE2 house and I am a qualified practitioner.  This ensures we deliver on our values of transparency, rigour and security.

I am ultimately responsible for resource planning within the TRC Solutions Group, monitoring our teams’ timelines and resources for client projects.

I enjoy being part of the pre-sales team on larger and strategic projects, detailing how our customers, teams and experience over 30 years make us a great partner for your enterprise. Connect with Dereck on LinkedIn


Client First approach

Client-first approach

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We take the time to understand our client’s needs and match these with global best solutions, delivering projects on time and within budget. We believe that long-term client relationships are key to our success and many of our clients have partnered with us for over 20 years.

We define ourselves as a state-of-the-art, specialised organisation, focused on delivering solutions which are individual to our clients’ objectives and ambitions. We pride ourselves on the transparency and rigour of our processes which work to: integrate competitive management application technology, create value for our clients, and conquer complex challenges. Our ethics are the foundation we build everything from, installing confidence and integrity throughout all applications of our service.

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