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Find out how we can
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iVend Retail for SAP Partners

iVend Retail Partners with the expertise to deliver the best result for your clients

Financial Software Solutions ERP

TRC Solutions as an iVend Retail Partner

Our comprehensive knowledge of the retail industry places TRC Solutions in an unparalleled position to help global ERP resellers deliver retail opportunities and provide the best possible results for clients. We successfully work as secondary specialist partners with SAP partners from around the world, rolling out deployments, freeing up the primary contractor to focus on the delivery of the core ERP project.

As your iVend retail specialist partner, we work with you to understand the requirements of your client and the best possible way to meet them. With over 30 years in the retail vertical, our experience enables us to deliver projects smoothly without unforeseen issues which can delay and increase costs. This knowledge helps you proactively improve the client’s efficiency and work on building a relationship that will serve you both well into the future.

What TRC Solutions bring to the project

TRC Solutions are iVend Retail Partners with over 30 years specialising in the retail industry. Because of our team’s expertise we are highly sought after by ERP resellers who want the best for their clients.

As an iVend Retail Partner, we understand the language and culture of enterprise. We work alongside your sales teams, during the pre-sales process, offering a seamless experience to your client. TRC Solutions’ product portfolio and retail industry expertise, coupled with your ERP credentials, offers a compelling retail ERP offering.

Services we provide 

SAP Certified EPOS

We provide leading, global EPOS systems which are fully integrated and certified for SAP ERP

Sales Support

Our Sales Consultants engage with your clients and prospects directly, freeing your sales resource to concentrate on the bigger ERP project. We coordinate and carry out all product demonstrations in concert with your sales team

Installation and Training

Our fully SAP Certified installations and training personnel complete a retail scope document that you can add to your overall ERP project plan

‘Go Live’ Support

We offer ‘Go Live’ support in branch or virtually

Timezone Support

Your client’s support needs are met by our multi-timezone support centre

Retail Hours Support Service

We offer a Retail Support Service, which is available 364 days a year, 24/7

Online Tracking

Our support team are available online and over the phone. All support tickets are logged in the TRC Solutions ticketing system, so you can track progress at any time

Custom Service Level Agreements

We offer custom Service Level Agreements to deliver on the needs of your clients

Retail Hardware Support

We offer full retail maintenance hardware support either directly or through our established, partner network

Partner with Retail Industry experts

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