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BoyumIT: SAP Certified Add-On

BoyumIT Usability Package

Once implemented, this SAP Certified Add-On will help cut the downtime in your organisation, saving you and your customer time and money.

Customisation and Flexibility :

Boyum Usability Package

This award winning Add-On has been SAP Certified since 2003 and boasts over 2,000 customers, 34,000 users and is installed across 58 countries. Without costly development, you can adjust modules and can be activated or deactivated depending on your requirements.

Increase productivity and efficiency by customising SAP Business One to suit the needs of your team. Boyum Usability Package displays ROI quickly by improving the overall performance and adoption rates of your SAP deployment. Staff can communicate with ease, access data and is not weighed down by unnecessary business processes.

With Boyum Usability Package you can control the look and feel of SAP Business One as it coordinates and enables full customisation without costly development. Boyum Usability Package allows your to completely redesign the interface to suit you and to fit with your ways of working including:

  • Creation of new navigation
  • Redesign screens
  • Automate tasks
  • Change event sequencing
  • Hide functions and unused fields
  • Create data entry templates
  • Customise dashboards

Watch the Usability Package Video

SAP Business One is a powerful tool but we recognise that no one size fits every organisation. Rather than relying on expensive development work, the BoyumIT Usability Package does the heavy lifting as there is no coding involved.

Productivity is a major draw on enterprise resources, regardless of the industry. As companies grow, they invariably run into this issue more frequently and in most cases, the loss of productivity can be blamed on tools that are not adjusted to the specific needs of the user.  This SAP-certified Add-On provides a real return on investment in a short space of time. This is not just in terms of financial gains but staff productivity, efficiency and overall enterprise performance.

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