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Digital Transformation and People

Enterprises have always relied on technology to innovate and grow, but in recent years, there has been an explosion in the range of technologies and availability of data. The word ‘Digital Transformation’ in itself is not profound, but a term given to the continuing technological advancements in ICT. Regardless of the label, it’s clear that organisations need to keep pace with the high levels of change or risk being left behind.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying ‘change is the only constant in life’ and this is definitely true in today’s enterprise. Change fixes what is already in place, whereas transformation creates the future. Failing to embrace digital transformation is risking the future of your enterprise.

44% of Executives are not Prepared

Digital Transformation is not a sudden change, but a gradual process where people, processes and technology maximise potential growth, by adopting an ever changing technological approach. While many organisations are transforming, 87% of senior executives believe that digital will continue to disrupt their industry and only 44% feel prepared to adapt to this disruption. Large enterprises have issues keeping up with the rate of change and there is a stark difference between the rate of change adopted by a start up versus a larger, more established business. This struggle invariably arises from legacy systems which can not move at the rate of digital change and is often a chief concern for decision makers.

Transforming into a Digital Enterprise

Legacy systems aside, in order to ensure you are on the path to digital transformation, it’s important to understand where the value of digital transformation is, in your business. Is it in sales, marketing or perhaps automating a process? Set about identifying what the current issues in your business are, as this will inform the type of technological solutions you will need.

It is also helpful to prioritise what you need first and focus the solution around this core area before looking at the lower priority items. When you can identify where digital transformation can help and place it into a list of priorities, it gives you a better end to end view, ensuring all enterprise functions are working together and customers get the best possible experience. This clarity of thought will also help you in the search for a technology partner.

Digital transformation is underpinned by the most important aspects of your business: people, processes and technology and all three must be considered in order to achieve a successful digital transformation. There is huge value in taking a phased, measurable approach to addressing these areas and user adoption is certainly key to this. We didn’t need 25 years in business to know that people are key in any organisation, but that quarter of a century has provided us with a great foundation of understanding and user centric approaches to technology implementation. Working with our team of business specialists will ensure that digital transformation is focused on the vision, strategy and success of your enterprise.

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Source: Silicon Republic

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