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Eradicate internal emails and improve productivity through Asana

Asana Work Management

Eradicate internal emails and improve productivity through Asana

Eradicate internal emails, reduce external emails, save 100s of hours previously spent in check-in meetings and improve your Team’s productivity through Asana.

Asana is the newest Platform we will support companies with to improve their business and drive success – and our Team of Industry Experts will bring the same Client-Focused ethos from the pre-sales process to beyond go-live.

What is Asana?

Asana is the World’s Most Comprehensive Work Management Platform – it gives Teams everything they need to complete tasks, hit deadlines, and communicate. Asana empowers your business to improve and manage your entire Team through a unified view of all work – from short-term tasks to long-term projects.

TRC Solutions has been using Asana for over 4 years and it transformed the way we work. Deadlines, budgets, KPIs, messaging, and relevant Team Members are all managed in one place, so tasks and communication are clear and goals are smashed.

Pain Points in modern business:

Asana supports businesses around the world by getting rid of the frustration and pain around coordinating and managing work. Today, even the most successful companies are spending over half the day sitting in meetings, responding to emails, and searching for information – sound familiar?

That’s not surprising because now 60% of the time we spend “at work” is actually spent on “work about work”, doing skilled work has taken a backseat to distracting “work about work.”

This drop in productivity is a result of duplication of tasks, lack of transparency and clarity around who’s doing what by when, missed deadlines, and an overall need for better collaboration. Asana is the Solution that helps more Teams do the great work—without the busywork.

What does Asana do for businesses?

Imagine being able to eradicate internal emails and reduce external emails, having all Project Management information on a single Platform and only being notified on work that concerns you – That’s Asana.

It’s estimated that €790 billion spent on digital transformation last year went to waste. Asana customers use the Work Management Platform to plan, execute and implement new digital initiatives.

With over 1 million Teams, Asana is the leader in Work Management for companies like Zoom, Paypal, Dr Martens, and many others. They’re seeing a 437% ROI, with benefits like reducing meetings by 18%, leaving 79% more time for innovative work.

Asana gives greater transparency, higher morale, and increased revenue to companies of all sizes from every industry. Asana Clients have seen astounding improvements since implementing the Work Management Platform:

Asana clients have improved even with the challenges in recent years. A hybrid or remote workforce is the new norm; Asana has helped companies easily transition to this model by:

  • Maintaining real-time collaboration because everyone is working in the same tool
  • Improving communication by reducing email traffic by 90% and time spent in meetings by 18%
  • Improving team morale by 72% and productivity by 5.5% with clarity and visibility on workload
  • Saving 180+ hours quarterly previously spent in team check-in meetings

How do I introduce Asana to my business?

Interested in learning what Asana can bring to your business? You can start slow and implement in a single department, or go for the 30-Day Free Trial and see if you don’t experience a boost in productivity and a drop in time spent chasing others on tasks.

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As Asana Partners, TRC Solutions are here to provide all the support and training you need to effectively utilise Asana and drive growth.

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For more information on Asana, view the below introductory videos:


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