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ERP Software is More Accessible than Ever

ERP is no longer the reserve of the elite, multi-branch, global companies. Times have moved on, hardware and software are more affordable. ERP solutions are available at a fraction of the cost, yet still provide the features and functions of the big ticket systems. There’s no need to hire a team of developers or data analysts because reports can be designed to suit the needs of the users out of the box.

Whether you need 4 user licences or 400, SAP Business One can be deployed in a flexible and affordable way. SAP Business One is industry agnostic and can be deployed and integrated seamlessly with your existing systems such as EPOS in Retail or timesheets in more labour intensive industries.

Achieve a 22% Decrease in Operating Costs with SAP Business One

SAP Business One from TRC SolutionsERP enables your enterprise to integrate a myriad of business processes and functions into one system that will empower your organisation to streamline and automate everything, increasing efficiencies and providing one version of the truth.

Research by Allied Market Research has estimated that the global ERP software market will be worth an estimated $41 billion by 2020. The vast numbers are supported by the cost savings and business savings that can be made. The Aberdeen Group have found that an ERP deployment will result in a 22 per cent decrease in operating costs, 20 per cent administration cost reduction and a 17 per cent reduction in inventory management costs.

Staying Ahead of Your Competition with ERP Solutions

Steven Maguire and Gavin Peacock, TRC SolutionsThe continued economic recovery has resulted in an increase in demand for ERP systems. As companies see recovery in their enterprises, they are more likely to capitalise on this by reviewing how efficient their procedures and processes are. The information generated by their ERP systems gives them an added advantage over their competitors and increases growth, but only when mined for specific insights.

Many businesses don’t realise the vast amount of data produced by them on a daily basis.

For some, there is an assumption that they are too small and the advantages of using big data to drive decision making do not apply to them. We know that organisations like yours can grow and boost profits with the aid of easily mined data that is analysed correctly. This can potentially expose risks and highlight trends that need to be acted upon. Neglecting insights from data can place an organisation at a competitive disadvantage and they run the risk of missing out on opportunities.

Automating data analysis removes the heavy lifting on the part of the enterprise (by employing an ERP system) and brings vast efficiencies and accurate predictions that can be used in the decision making stages, based on intelligent data, real time information and sound business strategy.

Does your Existing ERP System Integrate into your Business Fully?

IntegrationIntegration is key to a successful ERP deployment. Trying to manually integrate multiple vendor solutions with stand alone modules leaves your business open to security risks, inefficiencies and costly upgrades. If you feel that your current ERP solution is stalling growth or unable to integrate with significant portions of your operations, it’s time to consider a new solution.

SAP Business One is fully integrated and removes the high costs and risks associated with multiple systems. TRC Solutions assess the needs of the business, ensuring we understand the integration points for all team members across the organisation.

SAP Business One – The Flexible Option

ERP systems, by their very nature should be flexible. Once implemented, a business should be able to grow, shift focus and respond to the many market forces that are at work. A flexible ERP system does not stifle growth but clears the way, adapting and helping your enterprise to stay ahead of the competition.

SAP Business One is suitable for all industries. Any business that wants to automate their business processes should consider SAP Business One. Your customers are acutely aware of the cost of doing business and will look for cost saving efficiencies. Functions such as electronic invoicing and self service has increased efficiencies and saved organisations time and money. It’s not just cost saving benefits either. Bringing your systems together into a single ERP system offers a transparent view of the company, particularly when customers can access their current invoices and payments.

100% Success Rate – On Time and in Budget

SAP Business One Finance OptionsERP projects are known for going over budget (the dreaded scope creep plays a part here). The team at TRC Solutions pride ourselves in our success rates of implementation. 95% of our SAP Business One installs go in on time and in budget. We avoid costly budget creep by investigating the needs of the various stakeholders within the company and designing the system correctly. SAP Business One does not require in-depth customisation and in-house developers. This world class ERP solution is available off the shelf and provides the features needed without the large ticket price, backed by the robust support and experience of TRC Solutions.

Off the shelf accounting packages can give general information on business performance. However, the best data can only come from more robust solutions that integrate into the various business activities across the business departments.
SAP Business One is a single platform that runs all aspects of your business, providing one version of the truth. This gives everyone in the business a very objective view of the company, regardless of their role or department. According to research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, 60 per cent of businesses want an ERP system to help them understand what is going on in their business, particularly from a CRM point of view.

It’s time to let technology do the heavy lifting. SAP Business One makes it easier for organisations, like yours to run reports, set up dashboards for various teams and thereby helping everyone make better decisions and running a more efficient and profitable organisation.

If you’re considering a move, why not speak to the experts at TRC Solutions who can start the conversation with you?

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