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Find out how we can
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Eternity Cemetery Management With TRC Solutions

SAP Cloud-Based Software Tailored To Cemeteries & Crematoria

Manage all operations of your global cemetery business and bring every function into one secure Enterprise system with Eternity Cemetery Management. Trust TRC Solutions to implement this software - and train your talent how to use it - to optimise workflows and facilitate superior service and care for bereaved families.
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Eternity Cemetery Management: Best Practice For Cemeteries & Crematoria

As a cemetery business, optimising internal workflows and improving customer experience are a major part of future success. Whether you’re a large organisation with multiple sites, a trust or a local authority, you need a Management Information System that can be configured to your needs, consolidate every aspect of your business and allow you to deliver a meaningful, customer-centric experience.

Eternity Cemetery Management is transforming the ways cemeteries and crematoria are run in a way that drives internal and external efficiencies. Based on SAP technology – with localisations for global tax codes, full GDPR compliance and cloud security – it can be used across the world quickly and easily, giving you complete control of your operations, finances, plot mapping and much more.

See how our clients are succeeding through Eternity Cemetery Management.

Permanent solution for cemeteries of all sizes

Permanent solution for cemeteries of all sizes

Corporate-grade and cloud-based SAP software

Corporate-grade and cloud-based SAP software

Real-time financial manageent module

Real-time financial manageent module

Integrated with CRM and document management

Integrated with CRM and document management

Revolutionary plot mapping and genealogy capability

Revolutionary plot mapping and genealogy capability

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Eternity Cemetery Management Software SAP TRC Solutions

TRC Solutions Are The Global SAP Partner You Can Trust

Your chosen MIS is crucial – and you need the ability to scale, integrate and extend it to meet the needs of your cemetery business and the families you deal with. Working with an implementation partner allows you to tap into the full potential of Eternity Cemetery Management as a global, SAP cloud-based solution in a way that systemises all functions of your organisation and maintains your excellent reputation.

TRC Solutions has a proven record of guiding cemeteries and crematoria through the implementation of Eternity Cemetery Management – from Pre-Sales to Go-Live. We bring specialist knowledge to your organisation so you can feel comfortable and confident in the success of your solution, run your business in the right way and guide your customers through a truly difficult time with complete professionalism.

Eternity Cemetery Management is supported in 127 languages across the world.

We Focus On Our Clients

TRC Solutions Is Perfectly Placed To Help You Grow Your Business Through Eternity Cemetery Management


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Service is at the heart of what we do, and we dedicate ourselves to our clients, problems and products. We take the time to understand your needs and match them with global best solutions, delivering projects on time and within budget.

View how we supported Dublin Cemeteries Trust in building a System to meet their requirements and exceed expectations.

We're experts in our field

Our people are our most valued asset. Every member of the TRC team is driven by a desire to help companies fulfil their potential through digital transformation solutions. We have deep experience with what we do – and our clients’ results show it.

We stand by our values

TRC Solutions is built on transparency, rigour and ethics. We bring our values into every aspect of our business – and we never compromise on our belief system. Whatever we do and whatever we work towards, it will be done in the right way.

We're transparent

We provide MIS solutions to companies who share our values and can truly benefit from our skill sets. We’ll tell you upfront if we’re not suitable – all so we can focus on clients with the closest functional, commercial and cultural fit for our products.

Are You Ready To Thrive As a Cemetery or Crematoria?

Request a detailed Eternity Cemetery Management proposal from TRC Solutions today and take the next step towards a connected, forward-thinking cemetery business.
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