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IFS has a client-focused approach to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. There is no rigidity and complexity which businesses commonly see from other ERP suites. IFS ERP enables businesses to rapidly take advantage of emerging technology and be prepared for changes in the market. IFS ERP is a solution which is capable of matching your current and future needs.

IFS ERP includes functionality for Enterprise Project Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Service Management across multiple industries.

As an IFS Partner, TRC Solutions provide businesses from select industries with the knowledge and training to improve agility and adaptability.

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About IFS

IFS ERP develops and delivers total enterprise software for clients across the globe and in multiple industries. IFS is the solution for companies who need to respond quickly to market changes and use resources in a more agile way to achieve better results and gain competitive advantages.

IFS is user-friendly, modular in design and flexible enough to support clients by working according to their established processes. With over 10,000 clients across 40 countries, IFS delivers improvement to some of the biggest names in business today.


The Moment of Service

IFS ERP empowers clients to fully realise the opportunities offered by a fast-paced, digital, service-driven world. The industry expertise of IFS and its partners enables the delivery of value at every single step. This commitment has made IFS a recognised leader in the ERP sector.

Within the single platform, IFS industry-specific products are connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation so that clients can always be at their best, especially when it really matters to customers – at the Moment of Service. IFS aims to support you in improving and most importantly; delivering amazing Moments of Service.

IFS Moments of Service

Adaptability and Flexibility

Your success requires flexibility, control and insight to meet rapidly changing market needs. Time is a vital commodity and always in short supply. Without the ability to make real-time strategic and operational decisions, companies miss a huge competitive opportunity.

IFS software gives you the transparency, agility, and power to manage enterprise-wide operational excellence. With flexible components and deep functionality, you have the time to adjust strategies, enhance planning, improve functionality, and increase performance.

IFS Flexibility
IFS PArtner

The role of an IFS Partner

IFS Partners bring specialist knowledge to guide and support clients from the Pre Sales Process to beyond Go-Live. As an IFS Partner, TRC Solutions are committed to delivering solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ objectives and ambitions.

We pride ourselves on the transparency and rigour of our process which works to integrate competitive management application technology, create and conquer complex challenges. Our ethics are the foundation we derive and build from, installing confidence and integrity throughout all and any application of our services.

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