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Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology

Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology: Your Guide to a Successful SAP Implementation

What is SAP Activate Methodology

The SAP Activate Methodology is a framework used for implementing SAP Solutions efficiently and effectively. It combines agile methodology principles with SAP’s best practices and guided configurations. This approach is structured in phases: Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, and Run which we go into further detail on below.

It aims to facilitate quicker and more predictable SAP deployments, emphasizing innovation, fast delivery, and fit-to-standard approaches. The methodology is highly adaptable, designed to support a range of implementation scenarios including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. It provides tools, templates, and best practices to guide the entire project lifecycle.

Key Phases of SAP Activate Methodology

  • Discover: Understanding the potential and scope of SAP solutions.
  • Prepare: Laying the groundwork for the project.
  • Explore: Delving into solution capabilities and customization.
  • Realize: Actual implementation and testing.
  • Deploy: Going live with the solution.
  • Run: Ongoing operation and optimization.

TRC Solutions and SAP Activate Methodology

The methodology combines agile practices, SAP’s best practices, and guided configurations, making it adaptable for various implementation scenarios including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid. TRC Solutions use the SAP Activate Methodology for  following reasons:

Speed and Efficiency in Deployment – The SAP Activate Methodology has enabled TRC Solutions to deploy Systems more quickly and efficiently. This approach has significantly reduced the time to go-live, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Enhanced Consultant and Customer Experience – The methodology has garnered positive feedback from consultants for its efficiency and effectiveness. It allows consultants to complete projects ahead of schedule, leading to increased satisfaction among both the deployment team and the clients.

Early Enablement and Customer Satisfaction – A key benefit of SAP Activate is the early enablement process, allowing end-users to interact with the system at the earliest stage. This feature ensures that customers are not only satisfied but delighted with the SAP Systems deployed by TRC Solutions.

Conclusion: A Testament to Success – The use of SAP Activate Methodology at TRC Solutions stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering superior ERP solutions efficiently, keeping both consultants and customers at the forefront of their operations.

With its focus on innovation, agility, and a fit-to-standard approach, SAP Activate is crucial for achieving a successful and efficient SAP solution implementation.

TRC Solutions’ Operations Director Dereck Teefy provides greater insight in the below video:

Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology

Bring SAP Activate Methodology into your ERP Deployment

If you want to start your ERP Implementation Project out the right way, through the SAP Activate Methodology, reach out to TRC Solutions on our website, by email or through LinkedIn.

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