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Retail One



Retail One from TRC Solutions offers a powerful and easy to use EPOS system that is integrated with SAP Business One. The solution extends the market-leading capabilities of SAP Business One, enabling a fully unified retail platform to seamlessly support the unique requirements of retail operations. Over 300 chains worldwide operate this comprehensive retail platform for its power, flexibility and cost-saving efficiency.

Retail One connects directly into the SAP Business One database, providing an end-to-end solution to manage the entire business processes of the retail organisation. You no longer need to access multiple disparate systems to put together the information you need. Now you can have all the data you need in one place to enable faster and better decisions for the retail operation.

  • One version of the truth
  • One database
  • In store sales
  • On line sales
  • Customer relationship management
  • Purchasing control
  • Inventory management
  • Merchandise optimisation
  • Accounting
  • Reporting & Analytics


  • Comprehensive IT Solution for the Retail Operation

    An end-to-end solution for retail, providing an accurate real time view of the entire business operation. The solution offers a single point-of-control for pricing, promotions, and inventory management. Managers can make complex decisions with confidence.

  • Integrated with SAP Business One ERP

    The EPOS Solution blends seamlessly into the SAP Business One environment. It is deployed as an embedded add-on to SAP Business One ERP, providing one database and one version of the truth for the business.

  • Powerful Point-of-Sale Station

    Retail One offers an intuitive and easy-to-use POS terminal software, reducing the time needed to train personnel and allowing you to quickly mobilise new sales staff.

  • No store downtime

    The easy-to-use POS terminals support offline operation, so if communications with the data center are down, POS stations keep working enabling you to keep selling.

  • Comprehensive Promotions and Customer Loyalty capabilities

    Use the comprehensive and powerful promotion engines and loyalty club programs to keep your customers coming back providing increased sales.

  • Open new stores with no time delays

    No back office deployment is needed in your branches, all of what you need is stored in your secure data centre.  Just install POS terminals and you are open for business.

  • Superior Inventory Control

    The Solution provides real-time information on inventory levels across the entire retail estate, enabling optimum and efficient inventory reordering processes.

The best choice for Retailers

Most retail solutions on the market that are “integrated” with ERP or Finance systems include a proprietary database used in parallel with the ERP database. Opposite to this, Retail One has no proprietary database, as it connects into the SAP Business One database, providing a powerful end to end solution. It means that when you deploy Retail One, all the information is stored in the same database as that of SAP Business One, and can be retrieved from all workstations in all departments – POS, purchasing, accounting, finance and others.

  • One version of the truth
  • No need to synchronise databases
  • No need to adapt to interface modifications after version updates
  • No need to track errors and discrepancies
  • Money, Resource and Time Savings
  • Lower cost of ownership

Retail One helps protect the profitability of store chains by improving organisational efficiency. Through the Solution and TRC Support, your ERP and EPOS systems are fully integrated, offering enhanced managerial control and improved decision-making processes.

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