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Financing your SAP Business One Solution

Why do most companies use SAP Payment Services to finance their SAP Business One solution?

SAP Business One Adds Value from Day One

Every SAP Business One Solution should be accompanied with a calculated Return On Investment (ROI). When availing of the SAP Payment Services financing options, your monthly repayments will be significantly less than the ROI your enterprise will experience, therefore, making your new Business One implementation worthwhile and adding profit to your bottom line from day one.

Expand your Enterprise Now

SAP Payment Services All TRC Solutions customers can benefit from our return on investment modelling, which clearly demonstrates the monthly return on investment to your business of installing a new SAP Business One solution. World class ERP solutions such as SAP Business One are critical to organisational agility and staying competitive. Upgrading or implementing a new ERP system can be costly and cash flow or resourcing constraints may limit your ability to upgrade. SAP Finance offers you a way to plan the expansion of your company when you need it most, not just when your bank allows it.

Examples – Subject to Change

A typical example for a standard 10 user system, would be:


Description Euro
Capital Cost €50,000.00
Monthly Repayment €1,573.25
Weekly Repayment €363.06


Description Sterling
Capital Cost £50,000.00
Monthly Repayment £1,573.25
Weekly Repayment £363.06

* Offer is subject to terms and conditions

The Benefits of SAP Finance Options

SAP Business One Finance OptionsSAP Payment Services gives your business greater flexibility with the ability to spread the cost of the implementation project over several years without restricting or delaying the implementation of SAP Business One. You can also benefit from:

  • Reduce initial outlay and make your budget stretch further
  • Take control of your cash flow projections with our tailored payment options
  • Select the repayment duration that suits your budget and forecasts. From one to five years, there are flexible options to suit your needs
  • Retain existing credit lines to finance other areas of the business
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