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The Discovery Process in ERP Implemenation

Navigating the Discovery Process: The First Step in ERP Implementation

In the fast-evolving landscape of enterprise resource planning (ERP), SAP Activate Methodology stands as a beacon of onboarding innovation and efficiency.

What is SAP Activate Methodology

SAP Activate Methodology is a framework used for the Implementation or Migration to SAP Solutions, particularly SAP S/4HANA. It is designed to help businesses streamline the deployment of SAP Systems and ensure they can leverage the full potential of their investment.

At the heart of Implementation and the SAP Activate Methodology is the first critical phase: the Discovery Process. This blog post will guide you through the intricacies of the Discovery Process, showcasing its importance in tailoring the ERP Solution to your business needs. TRC Solutions use this Process or a version of the Process for all ERP and Retail Implementations.

The Essence of the Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is about uncovering – it is a deep dive into understanding the end state of your desired Software Implementation. This phase isn’t just a cursory glance at your requirements; but a comprehensive assessment that maps the functionalities your ERP to your unique business needs.

Starting with Digital Discovery

The journey begins with the Digital Discovery Assessment, a tool used in the Sales Cycle to align Client requirements with the optimal Solution. As part of a Client Advisory Team, you will engage in a guided workflow, starting with the creation of a customer opportunity and proceeding through Quick Qualification and Detailed Discovery.

Quick Qualification: The First Step

Quick Qualification is where basic but crucial data is captured. It includes understanding whether the customer is new or existing, the type of Implementation, and key information like country and industry specifics. This initial data sets the stage for a more detailed analysis.

Detailed Discovery: A Closer Look

Following the Quick Qualification, Detailed Discovery dives deeper, identifying specific business processes, localisation needs, known integrations, and other critical parameters. This phase is essential in fine-tuning the ERP Solution to your business’s unique contours.

In the video below, TRC Solutions’ Chief Advisory Officer, Steven Maguire reviews into this critical first step in more detail:

Discovery Assessment Report: A Blueprint for Implementation

Once a Solution is agrees upon, the generated Discovery Assessment Report becomes the foundation for setting the Project scope in the Prepare phase. This comprehensive report outlines known integration and extension requirements, localisations, legal entities, and the percentage of business scenarios selected in each functional area. It also details individual business scenarios, including priority and Implementation phases.

The Cloud Trial System: Preparing for Change

Parallel to the Discovery assessment, the business team can engage with a Cloud Trial system. This “sandbox” experience serves two key purposes. First, it provides business users with relevant experience to aid in the Cloud Mindset assessment. Second, it prepares them for the more rigorous Fit-to-Standard sessions, providing a preview of what the new system will entail. This hands-on experience is invaluable in helping users adapt to process changes and familiarise themselves with the new user interface.

Why the Discovery Process Matters

The Discovery Process in the SAP Activate Methodology isn’t just a procedural step; it is a strategic approach to ensure that the Solution aligns perfectly with your business needs. The Discovery Process is about understanding not just the technical requirements but also the cultural and operational shifts that accompany a new ERP system.

The Discovery Process is a critical first step in the journey towards Digital Transformation. It provides a structured approach to understanding and aligning business needs with the capabilities of ERP Solutions. By investing time and effort in this phase, businesses can ensure a more effective and efficient Implementation process, paving the way for a successful Digital Transformation.

If you are embarking on this journey or are keen on understanding Best Practices, consider getting support from an experienced Partner who can provide detailed insights and support for this transformative journey. Reach out to TRC Solutions on our website, by email or through LinkedIn.

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