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What is Asana – Company Overview

What is Asana – Company Overview

Asana powers businesses by organising work in one connected space. More than 100,000 paying organisations and millions of teams worldwide use Asana to focus on the work that counts.

Asana was founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and Facebook Engineering Lead Justin Rosenstein who had the goal of coordinating Teams through effective Project and Task Management to get work done.

Dustin and JR built a tool to manage this coordination. The result not only gave their teams clarity about what to do and why, but also time back to focus on the big ideas.

Dustin and JR were inspired. Soon after, they founded Asana to spend their time building solutions to help more teams do the great work—without the busywork.

Asana’s Mission

Asana’s Mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly and make Asana users more leveraged and effective.

Asana founders saw that the biggest hinderance to Teams today is the amount of time they spend on “work about work” instead of actually working – 60%. That’s 60% of your day gone and resources wasted without results.

So how do you keep low-priority work at bay and ensure everyone uses their limited time and energy effectively? Through Asana you align your entire team around the same vision and connect your goals to strategy and execution. In other words, it starts with the pyramid of clarity.

The pyramid of clarity is a framework for connecting everyday work back to strategic objectives so that everyone in your organisation understands how their work ladders up to the company’s mission. In other words, every task should be connected to a project, which may be part of a Portfolio, which is then connected to a Goal, which supports your company’s mission.

When implemented widely, the pyramid of clarity creates clear and complete alignment across every individual, team, and department so you can make better decisions and prioritise work that drives measurable impact.

The Pyramid of Clarity

Pyramid of Clarity Asana


Businesses such as Zoom, Paypal, Dr Martens, and many others use Asana and the Pyramid of Clarity to drive fantastic results. They’re seeing a 437% ROI, with benefits like reducing meetings by 18%, leaving 79% more time for innovative work.

See the below video for more information on how Asana is revolutionising the way businesses manage tasks and smash their goals:

The success of Asana comes from the total buy-in from Team members across departments, regions and seniority levels. In order to ensure that your Team is making the most of the platform and hitting targets, TRC Solutions provide expert Training and Support from Pre-Sales to beyond go-live.

How do I introduce Asana into my business?

For support in how to implement Asana into your business and utilise the Platform to improve, please get in touch with Asana Partners TRC Solutions.

TRC Solutions has a proven track record of guiding companies through the implementation of Business Software. We bring specialist knowledge and training to your organisation so you can feel comfortable and confident in the success of Asana and meet future challenges head on.

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As Asana Partners, TRC Solutions are here to provide all the support and training you need to effectively utilise Asana and drive growth.

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Further information

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