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Find out how we can
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Why TRC Solutions Stands Out

Why TRC Solutions?Why TRC Solutions

In the ever-evolving world of business technology, choosing the right partner is crucial. You may wonder “Why TRC Solutions?” “What sets us apart?” “Why do our Clients choose us?” “Why do our Clients continue to work with us?” Let us share what sets TRC Solutions apart.

Our Greatest Asset: Our Team

At the heart of TRC Solutions is our Team. A unique aspect of our People is stability and dedication – the majority of our Team members have been with us for over a decade, a testament to our strong internal culture. This stability is not common in our industry, and it is something we take pride in. That continuity brings immense value to our clients.

Growth and Opportunities Within

We believe in nurturing talent from within. Promoting our existing Team is a priority, as it fosters a deep understanding of our company ethos of Transparency, Ethics and Rigour and Client needs. This internal growth ensures that our People are skilled and aligned with the TRC Solutions’ vision.

Embracing Innovation and New Talents

As technology evolves, so do we. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements like AI means we are constantly bringing in fresh talent. These new perspectives are crucial for innovation and help us stay ahead in a landscape marked by consolidation and change.

Our Position in the Market

TRC Solutions has been a privately held entity for 30 years and we intend to maintain this independence. This independence gives us a unique position in a market where many of our peers are being absorbed by larger entities or private equity firms. It allows us the agility and freedom to focus on what truly matters – our Clients and our Team.

Expanding Horizons

Our growth trajectory has been remarkable, with significant expansions in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This expansion, particularly in previous years is a clear indicator of our success, ability to adapt and the trust our Clients and Partners place in us.

View the below video where TRC Solutions’ CEO Gavin Peacock shares his insights on what makes our business stand out:

Why TRC Solutions Stands Out

Why TRC Solutions

So, why TRC Solutions? Contact us today and find out for yourselves.

We will bring the same level of innovation and commitment to your ERP Implementation Project as we do to our Business and Team.

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