7 Golden Rules of ERP Selection

Deploying an ERP solution is a large investment for any enterprise but the benefits and savings outweigh the initial investment.  However, these savings can only be achieved when the right ERP solution is implemented correctly Рbut how do you know if you have the right solution and the right ERP partner?

ERP solutions touch every aspect of the business so it is critically important that your enterprise goes through a selection process that is structured and takes a holistic approach rather than a siloed one. ERP solutions are high-value long term investments with industry statistics indicating an average lifespan for a system within an organisation of 14.5 years – a lifetime in terms of technology.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • Understanding the key metrics for ERP selection
  • How it affects the various roles within the organisation
  • Managing sales and lead generation
  • Understand how to maximise the reporting tools
Guide to ERP Selection